The Academy Launch

AO: The Academy

When: 06/08/2021

QIC: Devito

PAX (11): Miller Time, Hasselhoff, Saint 2O, Updyke, Cookie, No See Um, Lumbergh, Stroller, Mayhem, Focker, Devito


Excited for the launch of this new AO.  Had a good crew of HIMs out this AM to kick things off.


OYO pre-0515

The Thang:

Kicked off with a running tour of downtown Alpharetta across on Academy, down toward the Publix and back up into the town center square.  Here we gathered for some 4 corner time with my favorite exercise … the burpee.  We deconstructed it for this AM.  10 reps at each corner running around the square.
Round 1 – Aussie burpees (no Stiff Arm to take flak)
Round 2 – Merkins
Round 3 – Pop jacks
Round 4 – Jump squats
Round 5 – Burpees

Halfway through Round 5 No See Um got one of the local residents so excited she started cat-calling, so we promptly vacated that area after finishing our round of burpees and headed back to Innovation Academy.  Ran around to the rock pile near the track entrance, grabbed a coupon and gathered at one end of the straight section of the track.  Partner up for a DORA style routine.  Split with your partner 200 reps each of shoulder press, crunchy frogs, curls, American hammers and skull crushers.  One partner working while the other runs a 200m down the straight section and back.  Lead finishers run a lap around the track, turn around and pick up the rest of the crew on the way back (MT and Updyke kinda missed that second part).  We returned the rocks and headed back to the flag.  Round robin Mary for the last 5 minutes.


Praise that Cookie is still with us after needing the heimlich maneuver this past weekend at the pool.  Youtube it if you don’t know it.  Never know when you need to step up to save a life.  Mumble chatter about a name change to Choking Chicken …

Praise for YHC to be back out and at it nearly full speed.  Slow recovery still in progress but better each week.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great to see the interest in this alternate BD for the region.  Excited to see what others bring as Q at this new AO.  Holy hell humidity this morning.  Thank goodness for a bit of misting at the end to cool us a bit.

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