Motivation Monday, I mean Meatball Monday!

AO: The Hooch

When: 06/07/2021

QIC: Meatball

PAX (18): Speedo, Angus, Ready-Mix, Ball-Boy, Percoler, Flo, McGuire, Feathers, Puff-Daddy, FNG - Sonic, Wingnit, Doughboy, Saint2O, Dingy, Sunshine, Hot Chicken, Meatball, Mc-Kraken


YHC woke up 10 minutes before the alarm went off as is typical on the morning I get to Q these men. Wasn’t sure which way the weather was going to go this morning but that never stops us anyways so we were prepared either way. We actually felt a nice breeze as cars rolled up and kept coming but the breeze didn’t last long! Embrace the suck was heard loud and clear over the weekend by the Q and it was interpreted into lots of running this morning. This Ao knows how much I love to run so a good ole’ fashion beatdown was in order. FNG was welcomed and we were off!


Disclaimer then Mosey to the side parking lot in front of the Bakery? Is it still open?


Weed Pickers

Tempo Merkins


Mosey to Homers Donut! Doh

The Thang:

Brief stop at Homers Donut from the bakery on our way to the Perimeter Track for everyone’s favorite flavor, Bear Crawl around the circle. Air chair for the 6 and keep on to the track!

Breeze? What breeze. Q was feeling a little winded from the mosey but plenty of wind in the sails to begin the THANG.

Perimeter track is 200m track so 8 laps equals 1 mile. 20 reps per exercise and run 1 lap after every exercise. HIM’s will complete 1st exercise then run a lap. Air chair or Plank for the 6 and we all go again for the next exercise and lap.

Star Jumps – Lap 1

Squat Thrusters – Lap 2

Lunges – Alpha count – Lap 3

Copper Head Squats – Lap 4

Speed Skaters – Lap 5

Smurf Jacks – Lap 6

Reverse Lunge Alpha – Lap 7

Calf Raises – Lap 8

A couple of 10 counts and some mumble chatter but COT was feeling good!

Grabbed our gloves which we really didn’t need because Q decided the day before that one way to embrace the suck would to have a heavy leg day.

Over to the stone benches for 25 Dips and 25 Derkins

Q formed 2 lines with a little help and we did Indian Run back to Homer’s Donut, this time Q was feeling gracefull so we did lunge walk around the donut. Waited on the 6. Switched up to single line Indian run which was fun with 18 HIM’s. Made it all the way back to the flag and everyone got a sprint to the front

7 minutes left gave plenty of time for a Burpee ring of fire. With 18 it felt like forever to get back to the Q.

Still time for Mary and we finished up with  LBC, Flutter Kicks, Rosalita, Anne’s, Windmills


Speedo start the count while Q runs to get the camera. Who can remember 18 HIM’s?

Name-O-Rama – Time to name the FNG – Welcome Sonic who moved to the Johns Creek area over a year ago.

Prayer Requests – Mcguire asked for prayers for his M who is having a routine surgery but still concerned everything goes well. Dinghy requested prayers for a friend who lost their teenage son in an accident after graduation, this one hit home for the Q. Percoler asked for prayers for someone staying with him. Quentin asked for prayers

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