AO: The Grindstone

When: 06/07/2021

QIC: Cookie @cookie_f3

PAX (12): Deuce, Whiz, Snowman, Crab Cake, Schneider, 5-way, Mr Hand, Swiper, Spit Valve, Sculley, FNG Goldberg


YHC posted a pre-blast on Slack that included a picture of a BOMB, so I figured the PAX knew what was in store.  It was a warm, humid morning but that didn’t stop 3 PAX beating the fartsack for the pre-run and 12 PAX for the beatdown.  Here is what went down:


Mosey over to the parking lot for karaoke left, then right, then buttkickers, then high knees, then backwards mosey.  Circle up for:

  • 21’s SSH (Q counts to 5 in cadence, then silent count to 21, burpee penalty for indiscretions)
  • Imperial Walker
  • Windmill
  • Bat Wings

Mosey around the dark path for the beginning of the main event.

The Thang:

Hill 11’s (in honor of Julio Jones who is departing the Falcons)

  • 1 jump squat at bottom
  • 10 Carolina Drydock at top
  • up and down hill reversing the count until you reach 10 – 1

Mosey around the path, stopping along the way for lunge walks, DB drills & BTTW.  Finally, on to the field for the real main event:

BOMBS – partner up.  1 partner runs to 50 yd line while other does exercise.

  • 25 Burpees
  • 50 overhead claps
  • 75 merkins
  • 100 big boys
  • 125 squats

Finish up with a minute to spare, back to the flag for 1 minute of Mary


Great to be back at the Grindstone after many months away.  It’s at least been 6 months since YHC has had the Q there.  What an awesome group of men to spend time with.  Welcome FNG Goldberg who grew up in Anaheim, CA but moved to GA as a kid and eventually ending up at UGA.  Someone mentioned the Mighty Ducks (from Anaheim) had a goalie named Goldberg and we all know the wrestler Goldberg went to UGA, so it fit nicely.  Prayers were spoken for the scare YHC had over the weekend where I needed the Heimlich maneuver from a stranger to clear my airways after choking on a piece of chicken at the neighborhood pool.  Thankful that I learned CPR and Heimlich with this group a few years ago where I was able to help coach the stranger on how to execute.  Very scary stuff.  Crab Cake brought coffee and a fancy froth machine, so coffeeteria was definitely taken up a notch.  NOTED!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always an honor to lead.


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