First Merkin Mile at Raptor

AO: Raptor

When: 06/03/2021

QIC: Pass Interference

PAX (2): PitStop, Pass Interference


We used this second beatdown at Raptor to explore a bit more of the surroundings and opportunities for work.


Warmed up in the parking lot with

  • SSH
  • Copperhead Squat
  • Imperial Walker

The Thang:

Moseyed to the back playground area for 2 rounds of 5 pullups while the other did BTTW.

Then moseyed to the front gate for the main thang: A merkin mile (actually merkin 1.4) going up Mayfield Circle to the cul de sac in the back of the neighborhood which provides a couple of mild inclines for added challenge.

On this day, we did 15 merkins at each cross street all the way to the cul de sac, and 15 air squats each on the way back.

Once back, we did a set of 11s on “the hill” in the parking lot near the school entrance – American hammers and more squats.

With 5 mins remaining, we slow moseyed to the other side of the building near the fence to examine the rocks lining a small creek which could be used for coupons at another time, then went back to the flag.


Reminder of CPR training


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Even if it’s just one other person or no one else, creating a plan and sticking to it is still leadership

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