4X3 Station to Exercise

AO: Bad Apple

When: 06/04/2021

QIC: Zima

PAX (8): Sprocket, Rusty, Snax, Pass Interference, Goat, Turbine, Brimstone, Zima


Coupons needed (Rocks can be used in lieu below equipment)

2 Full Size Cinder’s

1 Kettlebell

1 Medicine Ball

Playlist of songs should be 7-9 mins in length to allow PAX to get through all exercises at each station


10 Windmill

10 Copperhead Squat

10 Mtn Climbers

10 SSH

Then over to the small hill by the playground. All pax begin with high knees while listening to 18 & Life and each time the lyric “18 & Life” plays, all pax perform a jump squat. Half way through the song, switch from high knees to SSH. Repeat until end of song.

The Thang:

Beatdown details below for each exercises at each station.

Pax partner up, perform 100 total reps of each exercise at each station. Partner 1 does exercise while partner 2 runs. Flap Jack. Pax keep going until current song is over and new song begins. When new song starts, rotate to next station.


CPR Skills. Good reminder from Sprocket on the value of learning a life saving skill.

Last night’s class was 3 hrs. Every other month CPR training is sponsored by Alpha fire off Maxwell Rd and Hembree June 19th. Next meeting

Safe travels to Goat on his mission trip and prayers for no injuries during his race

Prayers for successful surgery for Ollie’s wife 

Xtra credit BD Sat. Check channel for deets.

Welcome to Brimstone – first timer at Badapple!

Goat Taking over site-Q for hog wallow.


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