Old and New School Collide at VQ

AO: Big Creek

When: 06/02/2021

QIC: 5-Way

PAX (13): Snowman, Swiper, Schneider, Crabcake, Deuce, Whiz, Lightweight, Clyde, McDuff, Inseam, Emeril, Dorn (FNG A.K.A 2 1/2 -Way)


Rumor has it there were a few pre-runners ahead of the VQ today.  YHC would not know as I rolled in just in time to kick-off my VQ!  Thanks to all who joined my VQ this morning and a very Happy 19th Birthday to our FNG and my very own son!  Welcome Dorn!  Your life will be forever changed.  Proud of you and love you man!  The music was a mix of heavy metal and rock I used to listen to when I was around 19 and what my son listens to today.


Moseyed up the dreaded soccer field hill for the warm ups.  Mumble chatter overheard about the hill being banned or something…

12 Side Straddle Hop

12 Hillbillies

10 Week pickers

10 seconds of Michael Phelps

The Thang:

Moseyed onto the soccer field starting at the midline.

In honor of YHC son’s 19th birthday being an odd number and this year being an odd one for everyone we leveraged a decreasing odd number pattern from 19 so 19,17,15,11…

Exercises started at with 19 Merkins at midline followed by sprint to front of penalty box extended and back (mumble chatter heard around knowing nothing about soccer but all learned quickly)

Merkins performed at midline decreasing 17, 15, 13, 11 after 11 Merkins achieved bonus of 5 burpees half way to penalty box extended line and half way back to midline were earned. Total of 100 Merkins and 60 Burpees for the ironmen that completed it in the 20 minutes allotted.  Extra burpees for the 6.  YHC was not one of the ironmen. 🙂

Bonus Indian Run was awarded around the perimeter of half the soccer field.

Next 100 squats were performed at midline Doracide style with partner running from midline to penalty box extended line and back with 3 burpees on the way back to midline. Wolverines for the 6 followed by lap around half of soccer field.

Final round of exercises on the soccer field was 19 LBCs followed by 17,15,13,11 at midline with sprint to penalty box extended and back while performing 5 Bonnie Blairs on the way back to midline.

Indian Run to start Mosey back to the flag followed by individual run.  Whiz, Swiper, Crabcake, Deuce, Inseam and Schneider delivered the final rounds of pain with exercises of choice including wolverines, freddy mercuries, dead cockroaches, stretching and a couple others YHC cannot recall but can definitely recall the pain!  Appreciate the assists fellas!


Rumor has it Cookie is coming back to Grindstone for Q on Monday 6/7!  YHC was thoroughly exhausted at the beach in one of my first BDs back in April at the hands of Cookie so looking forward to it!

Praying for Inseam Guatemala trip

Whiz delivered an inspirational quote from Theodore Roosevelt reminding us all that we are called to get after it, risk failure and criticism and not fall into sitting back and criticizing others.  Thank you Whiz for the unplanned TNT!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

YHC is very appreciative of F3, the great leaders at Rosemary Beach, Grindstone, Big Creek and Jericho who have helped prepare me for today.  What an honor to lead such and amazing group of HIMs today and especially share this experience with my son on his birthday!  Keep on keeping on fellas and step up if you have been thinking about it!  If YHC can stumble his way through it, you can do it!  Special thanks to Crabcake for the invite to F3, calling me out to step up and lead and help with prep!  Thank you Inseam for new school coffee er some like it cold!

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