36 MOM

AO: The Rubicon

When: 06/01/2021

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (10): Caffey, Groundhog (FNG), Locksmith (R), TO (R), Special K (R), Fanny Pack, Lefty, Hanson, Bottom Bunk (R)


I picked up Q for the week as my birthday falls right in the middle of the week. I did my best to encourage guys to go launch Raptor and for a bit it seemed like it may just be Lefty and I hanging in at Rubicon. But coming in from our prerun we saw several others waiting including an FNG and the long awaited return of Locksmith.


A mosey to the pool lot for some buttkickers, high knees, and carioca followed by SSH, WP, and IW

The Thang:

A drop by the coupon pile for a lifting rock and down to FOD.

We know of 6 MOM (Minutes of Mary). Well today, we are going for 36MOM. I figured the group wanted some core work after the Murph yesterday (which I think only Lefty was a part of).

So we went around the out field for some exercises with a count of 21 (half of my age and also how young I feel after all this time in F3). Reps are at foul poles, center field and home plate

  1. LBC, Merkin, Reverse LBC, Curls
  2. E2K, Wide Arm, E2K, Skull Crushers
  3. Side abs, Diamond, Side abs, Rows
  4. Freddy Mercury, Merkin, Freddy Mercury, Overhead Press
  5. LBC, Squat, Reverse LBC, Curls
  6. A brief break to look at Jupiter hanging out above the moon.
  7. E2K, Lunge, E2K, Skull Crushers
  8. Side, Jump Squat, Side, Rows

Feeling ready to turn all my shirts into midriffs we dropped off our coupons and headed to the pavillion

21 X Dips, 21 X step ups, 21 X Derkins

Back to the flag where it would be a shame to have an FNG and kotter and not get some burpees in so I called for 1 burpee. More than I wanted for my birthday. Then American Hammers to time.


Visit Raptor, Visit the Academy officially launching next Tuesday. Academy is a high intensity group with more running.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

What a great crew this morning.

So cool to hear Bottom Bunk, TO, and Locksmith chat and to be able to learn their history. Glad F3 can bring these connections back around after many years. (If you don’t know the connection then I encourage you to ask them)

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