Practicing Failure

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 05/29/2021

QIC: Zohan

PAX (12): Purple Rain, Stu, Flo, No See Um, Meatball, Speedo, First Rule, Birdie, Youtube, Overdraft, Top Hat, Zohan


I had Failure on my mind this week, especially after a virtual QSource Ruck with the Puget Sound PAX on this topic. So the beatdown today was built for failure.

YHC used the pre-ruck to place a single cinder block at the bottom of the Widowmaker. Just before the BD took a couple of fist-sized coupons (~2lb each).


7am, raised my hands showing the 2 coupons and instructed the PAX to find similar size coupons each. I think someone mumbled ‘worse disclaimer ever’. The PAX started shopping around for coupons as if this was TJ Max and YHC had to remind them we have only one hour so let’s move it.

Mosey around the parking lot (with the coupons) and into the soccer field. Circled up for SSH, Windmills and Bat Wings. Actually, Bat Wings with a small coupons are called Eagle Wings (not Bat Testicles as Flo suggested). With shoulder smoked we returned the coupons and moseyed to the bottom of the Widowmaker.

  • Bat Wings: forward arm circles, backwards, overhead claps and seal claps.

The Thang:

YHC explained the format: A set of exercises will be called. First PAX to finish gets to Cusack the cinder block. Second PAX to finish calls Recover and everyone stop. Therefore each round only two PAX gets to finish.

Round 1: 100 of each – Mountain Climbers (alpha), American Hammers (alpha) and Squats. PAX can shuffle (e.g. do 50 of each, twice). Now, YHC usually appreciates the grunts and takes them as a sign of respect and a well designed challenge. This time, however, some grunts had a certain Je Ne Sais Quoi that made me happy we didn’t have any 2.0s around. (“You see, Johnny, when two PAX work out together…”)

Meatball got to the cinder first and I think it was Speedo who called recover.

Recovery run to the men hole and back.

Round 2: 80 of each – Shoulder Taps (alpha), BBSU, Monkey Humpers. I think Meatball and Flo were first to finish.

Recovery run to the men hole and back.

Round 3: Mosey to the other side of the parking lot (stairs to King’s field) and sprint back to starting point. X10 times. Pretty sure Flo finished first. Not sure who called recover. No See Um?

10 count, but also a recovery run to the men hole and back. For some reason the PAX did not consider this much of a recovery.

Round 4: 60 of each – Merkins, Freddie Mercury (alpha), Bonnie Blairs (alpha). I’ll put it out there – the Bonnie Blairs were NOT fun, especially after all these runs. Not sure what the others were doing at that time, but YHC couldn’t hear anything over his own grunts and aches. I just longed to hear someone calling Recover. Thankfully Meatball and Flo (pretty sure) came to the rescue.

Yes, another recovery run to the men hole.

Round 5: 40 of each – Hand Release Merkins, V-Ups and Jump Squats. Meatball was first to finish, walking oh-so-very-slowly to the cinder block hoping he wouldn’t need to lift it up again. Someone called Recover.

Summary: Everyone but Flo and Meatball failed, but we all crushed it.

10 count and we moseyed / walked / limped back up.

Stopped at the small coupon pile next to the soccer field for some Curls, Skull Crushers and Overhead Presses. Moseyed to the metaphorical flag for a few Peter Parkers and… Time.


Prayers for Flo’s health results over some suspicious stuff. Prayers for my big sister in Israel who has some ongoing medical issues.

Reminder of the 2nd F CPR class on June 3rd and Fallen Five in Chattanooga mid July.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It’s almost always the case that there’s someone else around us who’s better than us at a certain task. We can be discouraged and give up in advance – if we can’t be the first, why bother?

The challenge is to push through that. Maybe today we’re behind, but on another day, under some other circumstances, it might be us leading (not for the win, as much as to serve and inspire others). That can only be if we put the effort first.

Very proud of the PAX this morning that kept pushing. I would not be the man I am today without the F3 men around me, showing me the way, giving their support and encouraging me to accelerate. There’s still a way to go for me, ways to be better, and you all are making this journey not just possible but fun.

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