Mystery Q Merkin + Miles Mania

AO: Jericho

When: 05/28/2021

QIC: Inseam

PAX (12): Whiteclaw, Whiz, Emril, Benny, Snowman, Clyde, Deuce, Chin Strap, Mr Hand, 5way, Schneider, Inseam


Two weeks ago Hushpuppy says “there’s an opening in a couple weeks, someone needs to grab Q”. YHC slid in there with a “?Post to find out?” entry on the Qsheet. Two weeks pass and the time is now 7pm the night before the mystery Q BD. Site Q is drunk on a beach somewhere and so slack was silent..(lots of sales guys that still learning how to work and check a spreadsheet in AlphaNorth). At this point YHC (usually somewhat vocal and drumming up double digit HCs by this point) is beginning to worry. Finally Pax start chime in. Benny presents an easy target for the Mystery Q (thanks Whiz).


YHC gets there early (or late depending on who you ask) and hides a speaker in a tree. Minutes pass, prerunners come in, and clock strikes 5:29. YHC almost perfectly inconspicuously starts the playlist and the sweet intro of Baba O’Riley begins to play from the branches behind us. 5:30 comes and with the secret still mostly intact YHC gives a sorry disclaimer and announced himself as Q. Pax erupt with excitement.

Long mosey 0.63 miles around, through, and over the football field. Come back and circle up in tennis courts for typical SSH, Good mornings, etc.

The Thang:

Thang 1: Mercan apocalypse

mosey to long middle parking lot


Thang 2: Traveling Wheel of Mercan. This is: grab a curb, perform 5 derkins, plank shuffle to the left 5 paces, rotate left so that your left hand and left foot are up on the curb, perform 5 Mercans, crawl bear back 5 paces, rotate to Irkin, perform 5 irkins, plank shuffle right 5 paces, rotate so right side is up, perform 5 mercans, bear crawl forward, done….that’s 1. We did 3.

mosey up the stairs, through the dark forest, onto the middle baseball field


Thang 3: 11s with a twist. Left side of the backfield will be mercans, right side will be wide mercans. Stop at the middle each time and perform two Hands Free Reverse Burpees. Modify to regular burpees, yes that’s right, as needed. (Side note: I’m a football guy, raised in a football family, and played football…please forgive my possibly incorrect baseball lingo…Also while we are here…Go Dawgs).

Mosey home. Except for White Claw who sprinted home to knockout 25 more mercans for a total of 305.

It goes without saying at this point that the playlist was on point and worth including here. It was a fantastic medley of rock excellence and provided the perfect level of distraction from the pain.


Prayers for family members battling cancer and other illness.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Awesome morning. Really sucked and I really enjoyed it.

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