DI Drainhole VQ

AO: The Galaxy

When: 05/27/2021

QIC: Drainhole

PAX (14): Tweaker Blue Drainhole Sparky Wideright Jorts Percy Fondue Guy Nugget Chunks Percy Steamer Forrest Surf N Turf


This was a VQ ran by Drainhole on Thursday.  Lots of mumble chatter and the best cadence call 1.2.3 we’ve all heard in F3


Bear Hugs
Abe Vigoda
Monkey Humpers
Warm-up Merkins
Moroccan Nightclubs

The Thang:

mosey (deep loop)
Thang 1:
Danger Zone:
SSH w/squat every “danger zone” in the song – Kenny Loggins special
Thang 2:
Squats x 25 (4-count)
Merkins x 25 (alpha)
LBCs x 13 (4-count) OYO
mosey (lower loop)
Tie Fighters x 25 (4-count baby arm circles w/alternating forward lunge)
Freddie Mercury x 18
Burpees x 25
mosey (inner loop)
Peter Parker x 18
Marionettes x 50 (3-count big boy left-center-right) TWEAKER drew the Ace of Diamonds!
Pull-ups/Imperial Squat Walkers x 18 (4-count)
Wall sits for time
mosey (figure 8 to flag)


Dr. W’s (Dolly to Rosalita to making W with hands between legs and back to Dolly = 1)
SurfNTurf moving this weekend
Percy/Creedence 2.0 fund
FNG (Jacob Roach sp? AKA Chunks)

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