Catch Me If You Can – Farmer-style

AO: The Wreck

When: 05/28/2021

QIC: Meltdown

PAX (9): Sellout, Norm, Aflac, Squeegee, Choo-Choo, Donor, Deadbeat, Mad Dog, and Meltdown


Having visions of a farmer carry workout, the cinder fairy delivered some brand new blocks just in time for today’s BD.


Moseyed to the parking lot by the lax/football fields and gave the usual intro. Then went into 12 of the following:


Weed pickers


Peter Parkers

and pickle downs? reverse pickle ups? those things Bear had us do at convergence, did some of them

The Thang:

Moseyed on down to the other end of the parking lot, were the PAX did a partner Catch Me If You Can, farmer-style.

One Pax would farmer carry 2 cinders to end of the parking lot, while the other Pax would perform 15 merkins.

Coming back, Pax would perform 15 jump squats.

Rinse and repeat two more down and back, but this time 10 reps on the merkin and jump squat.

With farmer carry out of the way, moved on to 1 partner Cusacking down to the 2nd light pole (some chatter on which pole to start counting at) and back. The other partner would perform the following:

  • Fire hydrants
  • flutters
  • romanian deadlifts

Not wanting anyone to get bored, YHC switched so the stationary partner would get the cinder (curls and skull crushers) while one partner would run to the end of the parking lot and back.

Then the group lunged half the parking lot, then sprinted the rest of the parking lot. Once there, Captain Thor (1 big boy, 4 American hammers) until time to go back (YHC got up to 5 big boys, 20 hammers).

Moseyed back to the hut for some Mary, which consisted of dying cockroaches, T-bombs, pickle-ups, monkey humpers, stone mountains, and LBCs.


Reminder of the Murph on Monday, at 7 am at the Roswell Faces of War Memorial. Plenty of modify options for the pull-up portion.

Prayers for Swamp’s family as they navigate the housing market.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always fun leading this group. Just remember, the 6/2 show is completely different from the 5/28 show.

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