Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jack

AO: Bad Apple

When: 05/28/2021

QIC: Woody

PAX (10): Snax, Pinky, Focker, Pass Interference, Zima, Brutus, Top Hat, Sprocket, Rusty


Baseball is in full swing and it was time to “edumacate” some PAX on the GOATs and get bigger, faster, stronger at the same time.  However, school’s out for the summer and getting ready for a long Holiday weekend ahead, YHC was uncertain how many PAX would show for the BD.  However, the weather was perfect and we had a couple of PAX join from the Rubicon AO, so it was on like Donkey Kong.


Disclaimer given…let’s mosey, stopping for a little warm-a-rama.

Imperial Walkers x 10

Abe Vigodas x 11

Weed Pickers x 12

The Thang:

Head to baseball diamond.

Jersey # of GOAT at Each Position # equals the number of reps of each exercise. 

Walking Lunges between each position in the IF

High Skip Jumps to each position in the OF

  1. Start at Pitchers Mound: (Cy Young (no Number, so we move to Randy Johnson #51 = 51 HRR Merkins, 51 LT Dans, 51 Bonnie Blairs, 51 Vups
  2. Home Plate: (Johnny Bench #5) = 5 HRR Merkins, 5 Lt. Dans, 5 Bonnie Blairs, 5 Vups
  3. 1st Base (Lou Gherig #4) = 4 HRR Merkins, 4 Lt. Dans, 4 Bonnie Blairs, 4 Vups
  4. 2nd Base/SS (Joe Morgan #8 + AROD #13) = 21 HRR Merkins, 21 LT Dans, 21 Bonnie Blairs, 21 Vups
  5. 3rd Base (Mike Schmidt #20) 20 HRR Merkins, 20 LT Dans, 20 Bonnie Blairs, 20 Vups
  6. SS (AROD #13) (Done at 2B)                                                                      
  7. LF (Ted Williams #9).               9 American Hammers, Shoulder Taps, Flutters, JLOs
  8. CF (Willie Mays #24)                24 American Hammers, Shoulder Taps, Flutters, JLOs
  9. RF (Babe Ruth #3)                      3 American Hammers, Shoulder Taps, Flutters, JLOs

Back to Flag

20 Merkins to rinse…Time.


These players were determined by ESPN/MLB and YHC might’ve chosen differently.

While a few PAX tried to avoid getting dirty…everyone was pretty ugly after it was over.

Baseball themed so LA Dodgers being the reigning champs, QIC determined an LA artist playlist:


CPR Class put on by Alpharetta Fire Dept on 6/3 at Atlas AO – Lebanon Baptist Church, starting at 6pm.

Prayers for a couple of families who are facing adversity of young ones with cancer.

Prayers for our fearless and faithful leader @Ollie who is getting crushed at work.

Prayers for the community and those women and men who gave their lives in service of our country, who we remember and celebrate this Memorial Day weekend.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a privilege and pleasure to lead these men in an F3 workout.  And, I’m always amazed that @Snax is out there at 5:30am giving all he can at 10 years old, when I can’t get my teenager out of bed by 10 to run a mile.  🙂

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