Burpee Murph

AO: The Galaxy

When: 05/28/2021

QIC: Jorts

PAX (10): Wideright- Sparky - Tweaker- Neighbor - Steamer - Bottlecap - Drainhole - Waco - Chunks - Jorts


6 pax for a 2.3 mile pre-ruck


Quick and dirty
All in cadence x 10
Side straddle hop
Don Quixote
Low slow squats
Bear hugs

The Thang:

Murph challenge swapping Burpees for pull ups.


Remember the reason for Memorial Day. Thank you to all who’ve served, especially those gold star families who gave all.

Great words of personal experience from drainhole on the great nation that we call home and importance of honoring those who’ve served voluntarily to protect our freedoms.

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