Windjammer School’s Out for Summer

AO: Windjammer

When: 05/26/2021

QIC: Townie

PAX (10): Cookie, False Start, Brutus, Milli Vanilli, Walkie Talkie, Stiff Arm, Stu, NRA, Barb, Townie



Warm-a-Rama:       Mosey to the dam.  Avoid poop.  

SSH’s, Weed picker, Imperial Walkers, Covids, Arm Circles, 5 burpees for good measure

Mosey back to parking lot

The Thang:

Beatdown:              Grab cinders or coupons

                                 Turn on “School’s Out” Playlist


On this date in sports history…NOTHING significant happened.  So we’re going to pay homage to the best athletes to wear the #26 instead.  


Upper Body:  Wade Boggs.  Tickets to the gunshow & mustache rides

Core Strength:  Daryl Strawberry.  Strong core to play on all those drugs

Lower Body:  SayQUADS Barkley.  Each quad roughly the size of 1 Cookie


Grab coupons and mosey back to grassy knoll  Break into 2 Groups (1’s and 2’s). 1 group works out, while the 2nd group runs a lap around the parking lot. Courtesy of Walkie-Talkie


Song #1:  Merkans / Wide Arm / Diamond 

Song #2:  Sit-ups.  Big Boys / LBC’s / Freddie Mercuries 

Song #3:  Squats w/ Coupon 

Song #4:  Curls for the Gurls w/ Coupon

Song #5:  E2K’s.  Right Side (run) Left Side 

Song #6:  Jump Squats

Song #7:  Thrusters w/ Coupon

Song #8:  Box-Cutters

Mary brought us some more burpees, flutter kicks, & SSH’s to round out the morning.


Last call for blood drive Thursday.

Stu on the Q Friday.  Bring FNGs & 2.0’s for a kid & FNG friendly beatdown.

Reminder about NLB in August sponsored by Windjammer.

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