When The Gloom Gets Hot, You Need Q’s That Are Cool

AO: The Wreck

When: 05/24/2021

QIC: Sprocket and Tubbs

PAX (18): Yankee, Aflac, Squeegee, Circus, Bieber, Choo-Choo, Manni', Sell Out, Foley, Norm, Backside, Boomstick, Crablegs, Switch, Bear, Doogie


Ferraris, cheesy music, shootouts, pastel muscle shirts, shoulder holsters and slip ons…NONE of those things appeared in the gloom Monday morning…except for a cheesy tune here or there. Working out to Dione Warwick? That was a first. While there weren’t MTV cops in attendance, there were 2 middle-aged beancounters leading: it just doesn’t get any sexier. Here’s what went down:


Tubbs took the lead early with the disclaimer, warm-up exercises and soundtrack. Mosey to the playground with arm circles, toy soldiers, hillbillies, and couple of other exercises to get the PAX ready for the beatdown

The Thang:

Coupon workout.

Tubbs directed PAX to pick up a lifting coupon and circle up at playground for 22 reps of curls, squats, lbcs, OH presses, Merkins, dips before running up the hill via the walk and performing 16 Bonnier Blairs before returning for the next round. After several rounds and a good sweat had been broken, the PAX returned their coupons and waited for Sprocket’s turn at the helm.

Cardio workout

To help get all PAX prepared for next Monday’s Memorial Day Murph Workout, Sprocket used a timer with a 60 second countdown feature. With an E.M.O.M. (Every Minute On the Minute) format, PAX were to do 3 “up’s” of their choice (pull-ups, chin ups, muscle ups) or burpees, 6 Merkins and 9 squats before round around the path that circles the play area adjacent (approximately 60 yards/lap). Call it the “Sprint” Murph thanks to Betty Crocker of F3 Coastal Empire. After approximately 20 minutes, Sprocket gave final round warning and led PAX through some plank exercises, J-Lo’s and Merkins (IC) before returning to flag where PAX had time enough for 2 rounds of Mary and Diamond Merkins.


Thanked Sky Q for strength to get up and out in the gloom to strengthen our bodies and minds and that all PAX would use their strength to lead and serve well.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

new(ish) to F3? been involved with it for several years? Good with certain workout formats but not so great at others (yet)? Give a co-Q a try. Team up with another PAX who you know will push you and the PAX and vice versa. See what we did there?

Sprocket ‘n Tubbs out.

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