Mini-Murph comes to Firehouse

AO: Firehouse

When: 05/25/2021

QIC: Script kiddie

PAX (11): Schneider (Pre-Run Only) Script Kiddie (Pre-run, BD) Ace Ventura Dunshire Suarez Tadpole Lightweight Lifelock Pebble Skynard Pink Nightmare


Schneider was there early for the pre-run and Script kiddie showed up at around 5:00 then it was time to start the pre-run Schneider lead the way with SK dragging behind eventually  getting to a point that I had to turn back to prep for the upcoming beatdown, Great job Schneider!!
When I got back to everyone quickly started rolling in and I was still trying to catch my breathe from what I generously called a run with Schneider.  Right before we started the Mosey Schneider stopped by and gave the PAX excitement of what is about to  happen by telling everyone the BD is going to Suck, I took that as a complement we then started the Mosey to the spot, and at that moment I saw Pink Nightmare pulling up and heading to the warm up spot.


Moseyed to the Spot, I know what was coming so I did not have them do anything more then the standard Mosey to start the fun, gave the Disclaimer and then on to the Warmup
Weed Picker
Sun gods/Reverse sun gods

I then asked them to get a coupon and head to the pavilion, so get the party started

The Thang:

Thang 1:
In honor of Memorial day and the fact the Murph challenge was coming up this Monday I figured it was time to do a bit of a mini Murph at Firehouse.
I let them know that we would start with a long run around the parking lot loop then head back to the pavilion
At the pavilion the plan was
25 reverse pullups (under picnic tables)
50 Merkins
100 Squat Thrusters (with coupon)
Then another long mosey
Once we were all done it was on to Thang 2

Thang 2:
On to the soccer field
the PAX gathered at a corner of the field and ran the length of the field and at the next corner
20 Hand Released Burpees – Dunshire was trying to convince me to do less HR-Burpees  but we stayed with the 20 count
Ran to the next corner
20 V ups-Y ups
Run to the next corner
20 Bonnie Blairs
At this point it was called out to bear crawl back to the starting point,  once that was done and a quick glance at the watch, it was noted that we had time for one more thang

Thang 3
Schneider did this one before and it fits in will with the AO Name the last Thang was the Fire Drill
PAX in a circle, high knees. Each PAX calls out “Fire” all PAX hits the ground does a merkin, rolls right, merkin, roll back left, another merkin, then back up doing high knees. Go around the circle with the “stop, drop and roll” until all PAX have called “Fire”.
Some of the PAX wanting to get the thang over with so they  did back to back “Fire” call outs, which added to the fun, well done HIM!!

After all that there was still time for a bit o’ Mary so
Dunshire called out American Hammers
Ace Ventura finished it off with WWII setups

There was also discussion of YHC being banned from  Q-ing anytime soon, but that  only made me want to start planning more fun thangs for my next BD.  Also, I had to laugh after the BD since I actually told Dunshire and Ace that I was thinking of taking it easy on the HIM this morning, boy was I wrong, but they did a great job and I think one of the ones feeling it the most was me, since I was still trying to recover from the Pre-Run that Schneider lead, but hey it should not get easier we should get stronger, Right !?
Thanks again Schneider and hopefully we can get more PAX out in the Pre BD gloom soon.


Head count (10 PAX for the BD and 1 extra for the pre-run, Schneider had to head out for early meeting but always great to have him at Firehouse),  Also we have had 10 or more PAX in 4 of the last 5 BD, Great job!!!
Nameorama was done

Suarez has a friend that his wife is struggling with Covid so we prayed for health and recovery for her, and wisdom for the doctors.
Ace mentioned that one of his family members had to put their grandmother in Hospice so prayers for them

Dunshire was the 6th man and he shared a bit more about himself
Lightweight gave the MoC A quote by David A Bednar – “If you are a little better than you were yesterday then that’s enough.”
Great point how we will not be perfect but if each day we find a way to improve over time we will become better, so pause and give thanks for the daily wins.  Thanks Lightweight.

Skynards daughter just found out that she was going to be able to get a job in Disney land that they though was no longer available Due to Covid, and she starts the position next month

Shout out to Skynard as well for taking on the 100 burpees a day challenge and keeping with it, TClaps for sure!!

Reminder of the blood drive coming up this Thursday
Murph challenge this Memorial day at 3 different locations
Also one I forgot, the new Dawson AO is less then 2 weeks from launch (June 5th @ 7AM) so request to get the word out on that Thanks all!!


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Dunshire supplied the java for the coffeeteria and Ace supplied the cups everyone supplied the conversation, it was another great BD/time of fellowship and getting better at Firehouse this morning, and  so thankful for all these HIM and all they do to help us grow.  from the words of encouragement to help everyone keep going and the way that they are welling to pick up the six for the PAX that are struggling, (Lightweight especially)  I cannot express how much each of them have helped me and each other, Thank you!

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