birthday week part 1

AO: The Norseman

When: 05/25/2021

QIC: Birdie

PAX (10): Haha (Double R), Stu (R), Bottom Bunk (R), TO (R), Pass Interference (R), Crickey, Shooter, Nacho Libre, Hot Sauce, Birdie (R)


YHC is blessed to be able to celebrate another birthday. YHC planned to use the football field for the beatdown, but forgot to remind the PAX to bring headlamp. As YHC drove in to the parking lot and noticed the field#1 was lit up (I guessed Haha or Nacho has the key to turn on the light).


After a quick disclaimer, we grabbed the “girlfriend”  and dropped off the girlfriend on the field. Moseyed around the field and circle up for warm-up. We did 11-weed picker, 25-SSH, 10-windmills, 9-imperial walker (It added up to 56).

The Thang:

YHC prepared 10 exercises and setup 10 pain stations (pain station is the yard marker on the field). From starting line we go to station 1, perform the 1st exercise and then go back to the starting line. Then go to station 1 & then station 2 and performed the exercise on each station..repeat until we hit all 10 stations.  Yes, the girlfriend stayed with us the whole time.

Station/Marker Reps Exercises
10 yards 5 Burpees
20 yards 10 Diamon Merkin
30 yards 15 Overhead Press
40 yards 20 Curl
50 yards 25 Flutter Kick with Coupon
40 yards 30 Cusak – 30 seconds
30 yards 35 Squat with Coupon
20 yards 40 Chess Press
10 yards 45 Bent-over row
Goal line 50 Kettle Bell Swing

YHC  also added a Lunge Walk between the 50 yards & 40 yards lines.

Kudos to Shooter & HotSauce to finish all 10 rounds and most of us were on the 9 or last round when YHC called for time and moseyed back to the flag.

We managed to do 2 round of Mary: Gas Pumper & Box Cutter.



We mentioned about the blood drive donation on Thursday May 27 and the CPR class sometimes in June and travel mercies. Thankful for the good health we all emjoy.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It was an honored to lead this group of HIM, God bless you all. Until next time, keep accelerating!

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