6 Pax at the HI-School (or whatever we call it)

AO: The Rubicon

When: 05/25/2021

QIC: Mayhem

PAX (6): Cookie, Pitstop, Hoff, MillerTime, WhiteClaw


YHC wanted a second shot at the helm at the soon-to-be-named AO.  With a full track and a stadium, this location provides the opportunity to unlock some new and awful workouts from the F3 Exicon.


Yeah we don’t do that.  This is HIGH INTENSITY!

The Thang:

Quick Mosey from the parking lot over to the track around the dog park for 3 quick laps.  Oh and progressive pain stations at the start (10 Burpees, then add 20 Dying C’s, then add 30 SSH).  About as much of a warm up as you get with this workout.

Next we headed over to our future site, Innovation Academy.  Had the crew line up facing the stadium for a merkin crawl up, then 25 American Hammers at the bottom.  This was followed by another trip up, except it was a step-up/squat. 25 more hammers at the bottom, then rinse and repeat.

For the grand finale, we performed a NO MERCY MILE. Pax began at mid point of front stretch on a standard track. Jog to turn 1: bear crawl to turn 2. Jog to mid point on back stretch. Do 25 merkins. Jog to turn 3: lunge to turn 4. Jog to starting point perform 25 squats. R & R three more times. As the clock was winding down, YHC made the call to only do three laps, which drew audible sighs.

Back to the flag for a round of Mary with the Rubicon OG crew.



Per Devito, we will officially move the High Intensity workout to Innovation Academy on JUNE 8th @ 5:15.  Official Name still being bantered about, but will be decided shortly.  This is going to be a great AO, not only because of the track but also a huge, well lit parking lot.  Also affords the opportunity to easily invade the Rube or the other new AO (The Raptor).  Great to see we are still growing after the year we’ve had.

Prayers that Cookie’s friend, that he and his family can find strength and peace during this difficult time.

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