Stay Scout!

AO: The Gladiator

When: 05/24/2021

QIC: False Start

PAX (3): DREAMER, 409, False Start


It sounded like 409 was duped into “rucking” this morning, so he brought his dog (Scout) for protection.  Poor guy just had to sit and watch us…


We completed a medium pace ruck out to Fouts road and back to the soccer field for the fun.

The Thang:

Start in the middle and complete 5 thrusters.  For each corner of the field we had to complete 30 reps on the first round and 20 reps on the second found.  Rifle carry out and back each time.  Here’s what we did in each corner:

  • Flutter kicks with ruck in the air
  • Squats hugging your ruck
  • Lat pullovers
  • Closed grip presses

After 2 rounds, 409 had emptied half of his ruck looking for his shifting item and Scout was getting antsy.  We completed a faster pace out to Fouts and back in time for some Mary:

  • LBCs
  • Boxcutters
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Gas Pumpers


Reminder of the CPR course coming up and the importance of keeping that skill updated.

Reminder of the blood drive this Thursday.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great combo of mumble chatter and challenging yourself this morning.  I appreciate the opportunity to lead a BD in a new locale, even if I’ve only been there once before.

Until next time!

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