The Storm Road Trip May 2021 Edition

AO: The Storm

When: 05/22/2021

QIC: Inseam

PAX (10): Schneider, Swiper, Sassy Mom, Mr. Hand, Pink Nightmare, Lightweight, LifeLock, Ace Ventura, Inseam........oh and there’s Benny


Dumpster had an idea. Monthly road trip to Sawnee Mountain for nice trail ruck. Pax agreed it was cool. We decide to execute on a weekend Dumpster isn’t available.


Wake up, chug water to try and recover from the night prior (see slack), drive to Sawnee Mountain Trails, sack up with the boys.

Begin ruck….oh wait there is Benny on slack, “I’ll be late”…being super nice guys we waited…okay now ruck. (Cool guy, glad we waited…sort of. Just wait).

The Thang:

Ruck the mountain.

Oh hey there’s tower road, sucks to run.

Cross tower road.

Look back and see a crazy guy running it. He waves. YHC thinks he looks familiar.

Ruck mountain.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

This was awesome. Let’s go to Spot Rd literally right across the street and get biscuits like Schneider suggested 6 times this week.  All pax get excited and Benny says, while slamming his foot down and asserting a level of dominance and confidence anyone would blindly follow, “I’m going to get biscuits at Daisy’s see y’all there”. Okay cool!

We get to Daisy’s and it’s closed. Pax immediately enter into a hunger induced frenzy. Inseam bolts from his Ms dainty civic and yells, “gentleman gentleman please, let’s just head across the street to Mr Swiss”. Pax went silent for two seconds, looked at each other, and agreed that was absolute brilliance.

38 seconds later we arrive at MS, closed indefinitely. Inseam has had enough. Mr. Hand quickly saves the day, once more, with a Hardies suggestion. Pax agree and are off again. Meanwhile Swiper is still at Sawnee Mountain trying to text pax to see if they want to go get some biscuits. Nevermind him, “meet us at Hardies” Inseam responds.

Pax + Swiper arrive at Hardies in minutes. But wait…that’s a long line. Is.. No…no way… it is. Drive threw only.. Ace Ventura, at wits end and bearing the weight of the final straw, screams in agony, “WHAT!?!? WHAT IS THIS?!?! CALIFORNIA!?!?” Inseam and Mr. Hand agree it’s time to throw in the towel and go home. But wait, again. Swiper, wise as ever, and with the assist from Lightweight, tell us to meet at Waffle House on 14. Pax settle, nod, and take off.

We get to Waffle House and grab the last table. We indulge in the best biscuitteria all 6 of us have ever had. Was the food that good, or was it the journey to get the food? Who cares.



oh look, Snowman and Deuce held down fort at Halcyon, nice!

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