Work then Play

AO: Big Creek

When: 05/19/2021

QIC: Crab Cake

PAX (12): Deuce, Dumpster (PR), Swiper (PR), Spit Valve, 5-Way, Crab Cake (PR), McDuff, Snowman (PR), Inseam (PR), Chinstrap (PR), Hush Puppy (0.25 BD and PR), Schneider (PR only)


A pre-Gloom notice was sent out to AlphaNorth informing all PAX that multiple PRERUN pace groups would hit the ground at 0500 and 8 PAX answered the call!!

  • 4 Clydesdales embarked on the maiden voyage clocking in 2.4
  • 4 NotYet Gazelles shot out the gate a little too excited, but under the cover and safety of the trees slowed down their pace to ultimately satisfy their 5k hunger

T-Claps to Schneider and Hushpuppy who while having early AM commitments still took their DRP by attending the now staple fixture at AlphaNorth: The PreRun

It’s YHC first Q as the Site AO.  Goal was to find new / fresh ways to see and experience Big Creek.   Adding fuel to the flame were the ‘so fresh and so clean’ newly printed AO shirts.  Like the first day of school or the day after Christmas, PAX gathered around the flag while humble-brag struttin in their shiny gear. Questionable quality on the MudGear Fitted Race Shirts tho… Inseam excitedly wore his today but upon exiting his truck, he was so dang swole from the Swiper beatdown, that the sleeves bursted off.  PAX – beware of flexing too hard today..

Disclaimer declared and delivered..and we’re off



Headed towards the fire house only to turn off the beaten path to the bottom of SwoleHILL, which just happens to be the first bus stop north of Swoleville.  This mountain has been calling out to YHC like Mordor to Frodo every week after coffeeteria.  The call was answered today.

  • 10 SSH
  • 10 Weed Pickers
  • 10 Good Mornings
  • 10 Michael Phelps

Lots of old man grunts during the Michael Phelps.  I guess we were uncovering additional areas of pain delivered by Swiper.  YHC has never heard such elation and verbal joy during a warm-up before.. but then again, we do live in a city named…. nevermind

The Thang:


7’s (Variation of 11’s)

Up to the top of SwoleHill for 6 Yowza’s (Burpee into a Bonnie Blair)

Down to the bottom for 1 Squat.   Continue (5/2, 4/3..)


PLAY 1 – Basketball Courts – PAX split into 3 groups

Court 1 – 18 Flutter Kicks, lap around the court, 17 FK, etc.

Court 2 – 18 Derkins, lap around the court, 17, etc.

Court 3 – While other PAX perform Carolina Dry-docks, 1 PAX performs Alternating Waves on the Battle Rope for 1 Minute.  Rotate thru all PAX in group until all have had a date with the rope – then all groups rotate to the next court.

Free Throw Shooting

PAX gathered around the hoop.  While each attempted 1 Free Throw shot, the rest of us performed High Knees, Butt Kicks, Star Jumps, and Ski Jumps as we cheered on.

Here’s the deal:  If we MAKE 50% or more, we will do 2 Merkins for every miss.  But if we MISS more than 50%, we will do 2 Wolverines for every miss. PAX were super motivated but since YHC did his job in continuing the swole-fest, we only achieved 2 total MAKES.  No worries – room to improve and accelerate!

16 Wolverines were ordered up.  Half way through YHC cut it short – saved by the bell – we have 1 more Thang to go.  Let’s mosey!


PLAY 2 – Playground

In preparation for the upcoming Murph, PAX paired up for a mini-Dora.  As Partner 1 moseys around the playground path, Partner 2 knocks out Swing-PullUps for a total count of 100.  All except for Chinstrap and Inseam who leveled up and hit the monkey bars for legit PUs.  Way to go!!

Finished with a round of Marys.

  • Deuce called out the American Hammers
  • 5-Way was volun-told to lead us in LBCs.  (GREAT JOB 5-Way on leading your first Mary in cadence!!!)
  • Inseam broke out the Windshield wipers

Circled back at the flag with 10 seconds to spare.   To pay off our debts we completed 1 Wolverine to bring us right into 0615.  Well done all!



  • Open Q at Big Creek in 2 weeks.  After Inseam announced his hard-crush for that spot..he slyly dropped a little bug in 5-Way’s ear.  Is there a VQ coming to Big Creek soon????
  • 4th Saturday of the Month coming up – this means the Storm will take place at Sawnee Mountain instead of Halcyon.  Check slack for more info
  • Murph on Memorial Day at Grindstone is quickly approaching.  Snowman’s got the post BD grub covered while other PAX are stepping up to cook.   Get the word out and let’s make this a big event!!!
  • Prayers for all PAX to use the strength and motivation gained today in service of those in our families and our communities.  Be on the lookout for opportunities.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Growing up my parents planted the “Work then Play” concept into our heads.  Do your homework first..stop avoiding what you want to avoid.  Today’s BD was in honor of that principal.   We conquered the Mountain at the jump.. new location, new terrain, sketchy rocks, snakes?  Sure we had some grumble chatter but we hit it face-on, together.  Then came the play.  PAX kept going and also discovered new toys (Battle Rope, basketball) to mess with.

TNT/Charge: Continue on in doing hard things first then balancing out with relaxation with those you love.

So let’s recap:

  1. We had our highest count of Pre-Runners to date this year in AlphaNorth
  2. We got to explore some hidden gems and revisit some less used great gems at Big Creek
  3. We got to put our new shirts to the test and they held up great
  4. And we finally got to see Inseam’s awesome ink work

That’s a damn good day if you’re asking me.   Accelerate on!

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