Ace Ventura brings the animals to beatdown

AO: Firehouse

When: 05/18/2021

QIC: Ace Ventura

PAX (11): Ace Ventura Script Kiddie Schneider Pink Nightmare Lifelock Zuckerburg Lightweight Pebble Tadpole Benny Suarez


Script Kiddie and Schneider felt like they needed extra credit, so they showed up at 5 AM and conducted a pre-run, running over 3 miles.




Mosey to the normal warm up spot.   All warm up exercises were 10 reps.

Side-Straddle hops



Willie Mays Hays

Moroccan night clubs

The Thang:



Ace Ventura decided to bring his animal buddies to the Firehouse.

Four stations were set up, each with a list of exercises as follows in specific order:

Station 1: Alligator Merkins, Copperhead Merkins, Mickey Mouse Merkins, Foxhole

Station 2: Bear Crawl, Alligator Drag, Reverse Bear Crawl, Bear Crawl again

Station 3: Frog Pump, Pointer dogs, Donkey kicks, copperhead squats

Station 4: Crab Crawl, Frog Jump, Wolverines, Frog Jump

Exercises at each station were done for 60 seconds, then a 20 second rest until starting at the next station.  After one rotation, doing the first exercise on the list, the PAX conducted the second exercise at the station, and so forth.  After completion, PAX were given a one minute rest, and then did a short mosey around the field.  There was only enough time to conduct one more cycle, so Tadpole was assigned the choice of which set (he took the easy way out and found the one he thought the easiest, which was the 4th exercise on each list).


After final cycle was done, there was just enough time for a round of Mary.

Lifelock – American Hammers

Tadpole – WW2 sit ups

Lightweight – Leg lifts (PAX completed reps until only Lightweight was able to continue going)

And other exercises conducted.


Moment of Clarity (MOC) was provided by Script Kiddie. He reminded us that adversity is what molds us into better people.  Comfort does not provide much growth.

6th man fell to Pebble.  He told us about his hobbies.


Prayers were given to a friend of a PAX who was struggling with some medical issues.

Prayers were provided for all sad clowns struggling with finding meaning and happiness.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

PAX shared coffee after the beatdown.  There was discussion about the future of the AO, and the new AO being created in Dawsonville GA.

PAX also decided to tentatively schedule the next second F event for June 16, 2021.

After AO discussion, there was a lot of talk regarding grilling various delicious types of meats.

Ace Ventura and Script Kiddie had a productive 30 minutes post ruck (yes, you read that right, he did a pre-run and post-ruck).

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