What’s in the Bucket?

AO: AlphaRuck

When: 05/17/2021

QIC: Stroller (@f3_stroller)

PAX (5): Dreamer, False Start, Semi, Speedo, Stroller


Week 3 of ruck beatdowns. While YHC was playing with the kids outside last night, my son brought out one of my 5 gal Home Depot buckets. Seemed like a great idea to fill it up and bring it with me to today. Naturally, its appearance sparked immediate questions from Speedo.

Solid crowd of 5 today including the return of Semi and a first-time appearance from False Start. Thanks for leaving the comforts of Windjammer!


No time for shenanigans today. Ruck down to the field. With rucks on, 10x arm circles (forward/backward) and 10x toy soldiers.

The Thang:

Keep it simple today. Perform each listed exercise with a 100m farmer’s carry in between. We will take turns carrying the bucket. Speedo asked what was in the bucket…it’s water, but it could have been many other things too. Rep counts will be 10-15-20-25

  • American Hammers (Alpha)
  • Ruck pullthroughs (start in plank position with your ruck at your side. Reach under your body and pull your ruck across. That’s one rep)
  • Overhead press
  • High pulls

The field must have been freshly seeded, because pellets were plentiful during this routine. Contrast that with Pellets, who has not been seen since…??

10 minutes left on the clock. Starting from the baseline, each PAX called an exercise, bear crawled to the 18, and rucked back, while the other PAX completed AMRAP of the exercise. Worked in squats, lunges, mercans, SSH, and…Copperhead Squats (in Aflac voice: “Completely different exercise!”)

Head back to the flag for about 4 minutes of Mary. Start with a Squat ring of fire- 10 squats each while the other PAX held air chair. Then, a few rounds of Mary. LBCs were deviously hard, we also worked in the Pickle Pounder, Mountain Climber, and Flutter Kick.


Praise for healthy pregnancies for several Ms

Praise for Speedo’s youngest graduating this weekend. Prayers for his oldest

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great to see a second week of good numbers. I’m having a blast doing this and hope it can continue in the future. Keep spreading the word. And if you haven’t made it out- come get some!

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