Move that bus! We’re heading to “Swoleville!”

AO: The Grindstone

When: 05/17/2021

QIC: Swiper

PAX (14): Inseam, Crab Cake, Clyde, Snowman, Five Way, Schneider, Sassy Mom, Pink Nightmare, Chin Strap, Von Trappe, Hushpuppy, Scully, Spit Valve, Swiper


The excitement of summer is fast approaching and travel restrictions are being lifted, so YHC felt it was time to load up the bus and head to the famous town of Swoleville USA!  Where is that you say?  It’s the kind of place where the mayor walks out of the town hall for a press conference and rips his shirt off to a crowd of screaming bikini models!  And the chief of police is sitting on a park bench doing curls with an Anvil while the wind blows through his long flowing locks (you see what I did there:).  The only problem is that there are a lot of fender benders because travelers passing through can’t help but stare and think, “how did everybody in this town get so swole?????!!!!!!!  The good news is that, just like F3, this town is open to all men…so let’s roll!


Mosey around the NorthEast parking lot for warm up’s, all IC:

Side Straddle Hops

Cotton Mills

Imperial Walkers

Sun Gods


The Thang:

Mosey to the Field of Pins and Needles (there is no soft turf in Swoleville) for the first exercise.  The Mercan Ladder:

  • PAX line up on one sideline, do twenty mercans, run to the other sideline
  • Do 19 mercans, Bernie Sanders back to the original goal line
  • Do 18 mercans…you get the idea

It starts to get easier when you break into single digits (after 154 mercans), so there was an audible for 5 Bonnie Blairs every time you cross the center line.

Thanks to a couple of mathletes, it was confirmed that all PAX completed 210 mercans!  Strong effort by all PAX on this one as the top realtors in Swoleville had all shown up and were starting to hand out business cards.

Next, we headed to the end zone to perform some ARK Loaders.  Working across the entire field in 20 yard increments with a new animal for each section:

1 – 20: Crab Walks

20 – 40: Inch Worms

40 – 40: Duck Walks

40-20:  Bear Crawls

20 – Goal #2:  Alligator Crawls (Bear Crawl but only 6 inches off the ground)

Time for a short mosey and some LBC’s?  C-mon.  Not in the SV!  Rinse and Repeat the ARK Loaders in reverse order!  Again, PAX all pushed through with solid effort.

It’s never a complete visit to Swoleville without some Coupon Exercises.  Select a coupon that doesn’t make you look like a tourist.  Top prize goes to @Inseam, but he fortunately had a partner who wanted to avoid the Swoleville General Hospital.

Mini Dora:  PAX A runs a short loop around the parking lot while PAX B performs:

50 Skull Crushers

100 Overhead Press

150 Curls

Time for a few Freddie’s and to shake hands with the Mayor who stopped by to thank us for coming in to town.


  • Upcoming Freed to Bleed Red Cross blood donations on 5/27.  Still room for more to sign up so please consider.  There has been a shortage and you never know when and where or who is going to need it
  • Prayers for help and hope for the innocent victims suffering the ongoing bombings and missile launches in Pakistan & Israel
  • Prayers for what looks to be a fantastic day in the Alpha on May 31 where there are three (3) locations doing the Murph.  Grindstone has a world class event in the works which you will not regret being part of

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great to see the strong crowd this AM at Grindstone!  Whiz put out a call to action a couple of weeks ago at Jericho in hopes of seeing an attendance boost and it was certainly there this morning.  Until next time, Swoleville!  Aye!

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