A holiday is a good reason for Burpees

AO: The Hooch

When: 05/17/2021

QIC: Zohan

PAX (18): Perkler, Dinghy, Stuckeys, Birdie, Wingnut, Sugar, Splinter, Puff Daddy, Ready Mix, Scrooge, Saint2O, Boomer, Meatball, McGuire, Flo, Sunshine, Ballboy, Zohan


YHC’s previous Q at the Hooch was for Passover, and based on a comment from one of the PAX I went ahead and signed up to Q on the next Holiday – Shavuot (literally ‘Weeks’). I couldn’t anticipate my M scheduling a dinner at friends in midtown ATL the night before. Claps for Speedo who agreed to back me up on the Q if I fartsacked. Thankfully I managed to get my full 4 hours of beauty sleep and show up for the Q.



Moseyed around the parking lot, with some running backwards and sideways. Forwards and Backwards Arm Circles, Copper Head Squats and Weed Pickers.

The Thang:

We moseyed to the parking lot behind some of the restaurants, where YHC set up a Board of Pain and explained.

Background: Starting from the 2nd night of Passover, we (Jews) count 7 weeks of 7 days, which are known as the Count of Omer. On the 50th day we celebrate Shavuot. Hence the workout today is themed around 7s and 50s.

The Board of Pain had 7 exercises listed:

  • Hand-Release Merkins
  • Big Boy Situps
  • Bobby Hurleys
  • Burpees
  • Plank Jacks
  • Freddie Mercury (alpha count)
  • Imperial Walkers (alpha count)

First round – 50 HR Merkins, 7 of the rest. Run a lap. Plank for the 6.

Second round – 7 HR Merkins, 50 Big Boys, 7 of the rest, run, plank.

Third round – 7, 7, 50, 7, 7, 7, 7

You get the idea. The PAX caught on that round 4 will have 50 Burpees. Some tried hard to misunderstand 50 for 15, but YHC ensured proper procedures followed.

While waiting for the 6 we may have added LBCs, Hammers or Monkey Humpers.

At the end of the 6th round YHC saw we’re short on time so audibled not to wait for the 6 and start the 7th round right away. No one finished round 7, I believe, but that’s ok. We moseyed back to the flag.


Prayers for Boomer’s brother’s marriage, Birdie’s travel for his anniversary (31 years. wow), peace in the middle east.

Ball Boy replaced Saint20 as The Site Q.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

After the end of the COT YHC shared a few words about the holiday, or more specifically about the days counting toward it. According to the Kabala (Jewish mysticism) There are 7 attributes – Grace and Love, Strength and Judgement,  Beauty, Endurance, Splendor, Foundation, Devine. Each day and each week signifies one of these, which means 49 combinations such as ‘the beauty in love’, ‘the endurance in love’, ‘the foundation in beauty’, ‘the love in the Devine’, etc. Each day we can meditate about one of these combinations and how it relates to our life.

As the Q Source describes near the end of the Get Right quadrant, it’s important to delve into your faith and study it. In Israel I was Jewish by default (actually, ‘a Jew’ more than Jewish) and it’s only after I relocated that I started to learn more about my religion and found much beauty and wisdom in it.

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