teneT Redux

AO: The Norseman

When: 05/13/2021

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (13): Ha-ha, Ha-ha, Callahan, Ha-ha, Dr. Rico, Nacho Libre, Zohan, Walkie Talkie, Saint 2.0, Crikey, TMI, Blistex, Stu, Huckleberry


It is not my style to ever repeat a beatdown. But, the response to the Tenet beatdown was too great and since I watched the movie with other Norseman I decided to bring it over since I knew at least a few of them had seen the movie, unlike Rubicon.

6 pax out for prerun. 1 pax just zonked out back at home despite the HC.


As per the theme I praised the team for a great workout while also giving the normal disclaimer. We waited an extra minute for anyone that might suddenly HOT rod into the parking lot. But like my kids and their spaghetti there was no SAUCE. So we head over to the field.

The Thang:

The Tenet board from last week was still in the back of the car and required no updates for this group. They were ready to go.

We sorted into blue and red teams per the preblast clothing request. Of course some PAX are trying to keep their whole Johnny Cash vibe so they only wear black. They can choose their team.

25 count (alpha where appropriate) and the blue team starts at the bottom, red at the top. After each exercise we ran to the far hashmark and back. If below the burpee line, you run backwards. If above, you run forward.

A lot of hate at YHC around the middle for the burpees but I feel 25 is a reasonable amount.

We went through the board one way and then back with a couple of minutes spared for a couple of laps and some more closing mary back at the flag.


Another disclaimer and praise for the workout all around.

Prayers for Zohan and family that are in Israel.

Upcoming Murph workouts.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead at Norseman. Such a good crew and will make the trip more this summer.

I gave some TNT over coffee and dessert/breakfast. I just finished ‘Own the Day’ by Aubrey Marcus. A pretty good book walking you through how to make the most of your day including your actions, how you eat, and how to see success.

This is an area I need a reminder. At the end of the day you should forgive yourself. You can teach yourself to learn from failures rather than dwell on them and be defined by it. For example, I could sit here and stew about how I forgot to count off and do name-a-rama in the COT. But I forgive myself and will learn from it. I will tell myself I did a good job by waking up early, earning a trophy and leading a great group.

Say it outloud for maximum results.

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