Peanut Hill (Rubicon HI)

AO: The Rubicon

When: 05/11/2021

QIC: Cookie @cookie_f3

PAX (8): White Claw, MillerTime, Focker, Hasselhoff, Lumbergh, Updyke, Turbine


21 PAX total, 13 for the Rubicon Classic led by Goat, 8 for the Rubicon HI led by YHC.  5:15am on the clock and 8 of us set out towards Peanut Hill for a one hour high intensity beatdown.


Not much of a warmup, but we moseyed our way toward the merkin mile launch point for a “Merpee Mile” which consisted of 5 burpees at the speed humps and 10 merkins at the cross street.  Plank for the six at each major intersection.  When we arrived at the top of Peanut Hill, we paused the Merpee Mile for the main event.  No need to worry, we finished the Merpee Mile later in the show.

The Thang:

At the base of Peanut Hill, we partnered up.  Partner A bear crawls up the hill while Partner B runs to the top.  When Partner B makes his return, he takes over bear crawling where his partner left off.  After several trips up and down, we all finally reached the summit.  Round 2 consisted of 4 lunges with a broad jump while the partner ran up the hill.  Eventually we all reached the summit again.

Off to finish our Merpee Mile on our way back to Wills Park.  We ended up at the playground where we hit the wall for a circuit of:

  • 60 seconds BTTW
  • 25 pull-ups
  • run across the bridge for 25 squats

Next round was 45 seconds and reps of 20.  Final round was 30 seconds and reps of 15.  Indian Run back to the flag for 3 minutes of Mary and to catch COT with the Rubicon Classic guys.


Huge praise for this group.  21 PAX accelerating in the gloom.  Words were spoken about the success of our Convergence this past weekend with 88 guys and a special guest speaker Kyle Pease.  No Longer Bound was also a success.  Prayers were offered for Pit Stop and Hasselhoff’s mountain climbing trip out west this week.

Honored to lead!


Naked-Man Moleskin:

TCLAPS to White Claw for coming out early for a 4:45am solo pre-run.

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