There’s no music in Hell

AO: The Hooch

When: 05/10/2021

QIC: BallBoy

PAX (14): Sunshine, Saint2O, Wingnut, Dinghy, Zohan, Boomer, ReadyMix, Koncak, Maguire, Birdie, Meatball, Feathers, Animal


Storms threatened but fizzled out in the early morning.  Nothing but a nice cool wet canvas for us to paint.


Started off with a mozy lap around the parking lot, throwing in some slides, high-knees and butt-kickers.

Circle up for some Warm-O-Rama:

Weed Pickers
Mountain Climbers

Rounded out the warm-up with round of Circle Burp, then on to the main course…

The Thang:

YHC has been wanting to bring 40 Minutes of Hell to the Hooch so finally got my chance.  Did this one at the Widowmaker a while back and and thought it would be a hit!  Feeling generous and wanting to make sure we had some time for Mary, YHC thoughtfully reduced the burpee count and the Big Boy Sit-up count by 50.

Here’s how it went… Partner 1 would perform the exercise while Partner 2 Bernie’d about 40 yards, stopped for a Bobby Hurley, and ran back.  Partners then switched until the rep count was reached for each exercise.  Exercises were:

100 Burpees
300 Squats
100 Big Boy Sit-Ups
300 LBACs
150 Merkins
300 Imperial Walkers

YHC overheard a comment about not having any music, but would it really be Hell if you were enjoying sweet tunes during your daily beatdown?  I think not.

When the 6 was in, the PAX had time to spare before Mary so we kept partners and P1 held Balls-to-the-Wall while P2 knocked out 30 Monkey Humpers.  Switch and then rinse/repeat and we moseyed back to the flag for Mary.

Gas Pumpers
Pickle Pointers
…and some other stuff


Thankful for the mothers in our lives and the chance to celebrate them over the weekend.

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