The TENET beatdown

AO: The Rubicon

When: 05/06/2021

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (19): Miller Time, Special K, Cookie, False Start, SaaSy Mom, Pitstop, Devito, Trebek, Fanny Pack, Nomad, Caffey, Heidi, Stiff Arm, Pinkey, Focker, Ud


After watching Tenet last weekend I wondered if you can build a palindrome style workout or would it be as confusing as the movie on your first watch. It would certainly help if at least one other person at Rubicon saw the movie but everyone went along with it.

Without spoilers the movie has a lot of forward and backward moments where people and things are moving in reverse. The trailer kind of gives you the idea. I asked everyone to wear red or blue to team up which is based around a scene in the movie where one team goes forward and one backward.


I congratulated everyone on their great workout but then also gave the disclaimer. Then straight to the FOD for the beatdown which has warm up built in….kind of.

The Thang:

The blue team would start at the end of the workout with mary and work their way up. The red team would start at the top with warmup and go down.

25 of each exercise (Alpha count where applicable) and a run out beyond second base in between. If the exercise you are doing is below the middle line then you are doing a backwards run. If above, you are doing a forward run.

After you reach the top/bottom you work your way back through again.

Teams were timed pretty well as we all hit Burpees about the same time.

All of this was done to a playlist that mirrored itself (started and ended with Pearl Jam, Each song has a song by the same group later in the workout plus some music from the film further confusing everyone)

A couple of laps and some mary back at the flag.


I once again introduced myself as Q and congratulated everyone on their workout.

Strong recommendation from YHC to watch Christopher Nolan movies. Especially Inception and the Bale Batman trilogy.

Convergence is Saturday but don’t skip on the Bound NLB workout in the afternoon.

Good news from Pitstop as he settled an ongoing house dispute

TNT by Pitstop encouraging a netflix doc on the LA riots. Encouraging ways where you can step in and help and being willing to look out for those that need it.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead at the Rubicon. Thank you for enduring my confusing but well received BD. Always good to hear “This is hard” halfway through

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