5/5. Cinco De Mayo. Battle of Puebla Day.

AO: Big Creek

When: 05/05/2021

QIC: Inseam

PAX (12): Spit Valve, Whiz, Crab Cake, Snowman, Dumpster, McDuff, Mr. Hand, 5-Way, Benny, Swiper, Deuce, Inseam


It is Sinko De Mayo (see meme below) gentlemen. In true celebratory fashion 5 pax answered the early call for a 5am prerun.

On slack the night prior, YHC promised a good time, hard work, and Coronas with lime during our post TNT cafeteria in the parking lot.

Itching to get some miles under YHC’s new kicks, YHC showed up fashionably early (4:59) for the prerun and pax were off.

2.63 miles later we found ourselves sufficiently warmed and back the flag picking up 7 others for the main event.

Thoughts of Inseam: Grab speaker. Hide in the shadows. Check watch. Confirm it is 5:28:25. Hit play on the Alan Parsons Project Chicago Bulls Intro > dramatic remix. Give disclaimer with some background on Cinco De Mayo. Mosey.


Continue mosey towards the usual spot, but this is no usual BD so we will continue our mosey for another half mile around the darkened path…sneaking up on the warm up spot from behind. Past the dog park and out of the woods we emerged for the following:

Good morning. SSH. Weedpickers. Moroccan Night Clubs (OYO…what?!? Enter: mass confusion). Michael Phelps.

Play list for this morning was authentic Mexican hard rock…apparently only about 2 hard rock bands in Mexico.

The Thang:

Today’s BD would be simple and sucky. A series of ratio routines set to a 1:4 ratio. Much thought was put into this Tuesday night. YHC knew it would be Cinco De Mayo. The fifth day of the fifth month. Now if you are still with me, a 1:4 ratio is made up of the numbers “1” and “4”, which in the aggregate becomes 5. Thus our workout of fives on the fifth day of the fifth month!

Between each ratio we would mosey the big pickle before returning for the next ratio routine. In this instance, the big pickle represents the City of Puebla. And we are the Mexican forces protecting our borders from the French invasion.

All routines were completed to a max of 10:40 ratio. Except the super sucky ones. To preserve time and the “5” theme as much as possible, we cut those off at 5:20. (audible of the century…I know…you’re welcome).

  • Jackass Burpee Webbs: Burpee\\Donkey Kicks
  • Captain Thor: BBSU\\American Hammers
  • Dan Taylor (Lt. Dan can’t feel his legs): Squat\\lunges
  • Merkin Jax: Merkin\\Plank Jacks

If your name is Whiz, Crab Cake, or any of the others that seek excess levels of misery, you ran an extra loop before circling up at the flag in order to reach a 5 mile BD.


Lots going on. 2nd F, Convergence, and more. See slack.

TNT today was weak: YHC spent all his time prepping for the celebration Q, and the other 11 Pax dropped the ball. We can do better men. We won’t accelerate our 3rd F with messages like I gave yesterday. Nonetheless, it was a spectacular morning in the Gloom and we finished off with some Coffee or Coronas under the Cup Flag.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Good to see Benny back in the gloom! The dude is tough and kept up nicely this morning! Not bad after a winter of hibernation. See below….Dumpster wins.

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