Cinco the Mayo or The Case of the Lost FNG

AO: Caney Creek

When: 05/05/2021

QIC: Zohan

PAX (7): Pothole, Ha-Ha, Pitstop, Nacho Libre, Rattle Trap, Bob the Builder [FNG], Zohan


YHC hoped his planned Q was better than the memes found about Cinco the Mayo. Worried I wouldn’t wake up in time for the BD my alarm was set a bit early and so YHC found himself running around the AO for a few min before 5:15.

5 PAX at the parking lot with NLB no shows. Not for the first time. There’s always hope they’ll come a few minutes late.


A quick disclaimer and a short mosey with some high knees and ass kickers.

Circled up for:

11 IC Squats

11 IC Windmills

11 IC Moroccan Night Clubs

11 IC Mountain Climbers


Total of 55 reps. The number 55 (honoring 5/5) will come up a few times.


The Thang:

2 NLB guys, 1 of them FNG, showed up as we finished the warmup. While my initial thought was that maybe we should start later than 5:15, I realized there’s something else behind it – Our responsibility is to consistently do what we do, which is being ready and on time in the gloom. Other men will find us when the time is right for them, not when it’s convenient for us.

The Thang

Up the stairs to the round track. 10 rounds. At the starting platform we’ll be doing decreasing burpees and at the other side of the track 55 reps of one exercise.

To keep the group together, YHC called out first 3 rounds and plank for the 6

10 Burpees – 55 Merkins

9 Burpees – 55 LBCs

8 Burpees – 55 Squats

Starting together the next 3 rounds were called

7 Burpees – 55 Dips

6 Burpees – 55 Gas Pumpers

5 Burpees – 55 Bonnie Blairs, single counts

Pitstop led a few exercises for the 6.

Starting together called out the last 4 rounds –

4 Burpees – 55 Shoulder Taps, alpha count

3 Burpees – 55 Plank Jacks

2 Burpees – 55 Flatter Kicks, alpha count

1 Burpee – 55 SSH

Again Pitstop led a few exercises and Ha-Ha continued. YHC got up to look for the 6 and found out the FNG was too winded and went back to the car.

Since we were close on time anyway, we went down. YHC hoped to have time for TACOS (T-Bombs, American Hammers, Carolina Dry Docs, “O”s, SSH) but we only have time for the first bite.

Meanwhile Rattletrap went to look for the FNG in the car, then at the restroom but he wasn’t there. We did find him in the car and invited him back for the COT.


Prayers of healing. Convergence Saturday morning and workout plus dinner at NLB same Saturday afternoon.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I know that what we’re doing is important and impactful. Sometimes it can be discouraging, when you expect many PAX and only few (if any) show up, but the real impact might be by being there for this one man when he needs it the most.

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