Battle of Yavin

AO: The Rubicon

When: 05/04/2021

QIC: FannyPack

PAX (19): Lefty, Stiff Arm, Devito, Cookie, Trebek, Heidi, PitStop, Pinkey, Cartpath, Pass Interference, Special K, False Start, Hasselhoff, Dakked, Fannypack, SaaSyMom (FNG), Caffey (FNG), Olan Mills, +1


Disclaimer and welcome to two FNG’s.  Thpecial mention about 5/4, May the Fourth (be with you).  Site Q Lefty (newly installed) generated pre-beatdown buzz on slack.


Mosey to the big flag for side straddle hops, weed pickers, arm circles, and an extended round of a few dozen Imperial Walkers.  Additional mosey to the field of dreams for the Thang.

The Thang:

The Exicon describes the Death Star as, “Set 10 cones out in shape of star. Run to each cone and perform 30 merkins at each. Adds up to total of 300. Good times.”  YHC modified the exercises to incorporate variety of upper body and core.

Initially befuddled as to how to set out 10 cones, in the dark, in the shape of a star, YHC voluntold 10 PAX to each take a cone and assured them this was not a satanic ritual.  Starting in the center of the field, 5 PAX faced outward and performed 20 lunges, then turned to the center.  5 other PAX stood in the center, faced outward and performed 13 lunges, aiming for the gaps between the first 5.  Everyone visually corrected for spacing and dropped their cones.  Close enough for YHC, though some mumble chatter about ‘not measuring’ emerged.  While we quickly set up the Star, the remaining PAX performed Copperhead Squats led by Stiff Arm by a booted but determined Devito.

First Round: Upper Body.  Pick a point on the star, do 20x Diamond Merkins.  Move to the next point on the star, do 20 of the next and so on.  Repeat the set of 5 one time to hit all 10 points and work your way around the star.
Diamond Merkin
Left arm forward Merkin
Right arm forward Merkin
Carolina Dry Dock
Sphinx Merkin

Early finishers performed more Copperhead Squats led by Stiff Arm for realsies this time.  Once the 6 was in, started the second round.

Second Round: Core.  Same as before, all exercises x 20, advancing around the star at each point.  Repeat the set.
FlutterKick (4-count)
AmerHammer (Alpha-count)
Crunchy Frog

All PAX were in with 12 minutes to spare, so at the Site Q’s suggestion we Bear Crawled (not Lunge Walked) around the Death Star.

The Force was strong with us.

With 4 minutes left we headed back to the flag for a some finishing Mary- Pinky led Big Boys, Hasselhoff led the Buzzsaw, and Devito led Dying Cockroaches.  Rejoined the R-HI crew for the COT.


Two FNG’s- SaaSyMom and Caffey, both well named.  Welcome gents!

Convergence at 6:30 on 5/8, come out and meet the other area Pax.

NLB workout at 4pm, dinner at 5pm.

(missed one name on the list of PAX- it gets confusing with 20+, my apologies.  Heap shame publicly)

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great work by all this morning.  Mixing in new exercises with old always brings out the groaning and surprise- it’s a nice to mix up the normal routing a bit.  YHC’s kids were delighted to hear that we made a Death Star at my workout.  Hopefully it brought some joy to all on Star Wars Day.

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