Off-road Bushwacker

AO: Bad Apple

When: 05/03/2021

QIC: Speedo

PAX (3): Sprocket, Heidi, Speedo


Lightening in the area just before 0530 caused the site Q to wisely cancel the beat down.  However, YHC had traveled many miles and two other HIMs were in the parking lot and we decided to give it a go.  As expected, we were all questioning that decision 30 minutes later…not because of the weather but because of the pain.


Mosey along one of the many curvey winding roads on the property until we reached a speed hump where we did the following:

  • Weed pickers x10
  • Hillbillies (or maybe Imperial Walkers) x10
  • Good mornings x10


The Thang:

Kept on the mosey path toward Crabapple until we reached a break in the path where we stopped and did 25 merkins.  Kept on the path to the next break where we did 25 merkins (dealers choice but different type than previous round) and 25 squats.  Continued running then 25 each merkins, squats, BBSUs.  Continued running up the back hill of the park where we completed the circuit with 25 each merkins, squats, BBSUs, and lunges (alpha).  Since YHC didn’t know the pathways in the park and it’s kind of dark at this time of day I went offroad at least once during this trek.

We found ourselves up at the nice smooth parking lot at the front of the park so we bear crawled 5 parking spots then 5 burpees. Rinse and repeat until we ran out of the parking lot (~25 burpees).  I noted those were two of my least favorite exercises and decided to yank the bandage off by doing another up-and-coming least favorite exercise.  Found some wall along the bathroom building and did 5 donkey kicks in cadence then held our feet on the wall at the end until Q called down.  Repeat, this time with 10 donkey kicks and longer hold then 15 kicks with an even longer hold.  It suck suck suckity sucked!!

After a walking 10-count we traveled back the same path we came in on with a different set of 25 count exercises:

  • Monkey Humpers
  • MHs, Stone Mountains
  • MHs, Stone Mountains, flutter kicks
  • MHs, Stone Mountains, flutter kicks, HR merkins

At least once more, YHC went off-roading which provided the inspiration for the BB title.  Sprocket suggested my F3 name be changed to Bushwacker but I politely declined.

Back to the bus lane where our cinders were patiently waiting for us.  Each PAX held a half curl position while the first man counted out 10 half curls (down),  We went around our modest circle then repeated with 10 half curls (up) and finally 10 full curls.  Biceps were on fire at this point so we shifted the pain to the shoulders and triceps.  Each PAX held their cinder in a rifle carry (aka Cusack) position while the first man did 10 skull crushers.  We went around the circle twice on this one and YHC literally hit his skull with the cinder (just a flesh wound).

Finished it out with some mary including obliques by Sprocket, American hammers by Heidi, and gas pumpers by yours truly.


Looking forward to the Alpha Convergence this coming Saturday at Riverside Park.  Details coming out soon but the start time for beat down is 0630 with some pre-run and pre-ruck options.

Continued prayers for Zima and his M and family.  Prayers for those numerous but uncounted in our community who are living and suffering with mental illness.  Prayers that we would be salt and light to everyone we encounter because of the Grace that overflows in us from our Heavenly Father.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Good decision to cancel with lightning in the area.  I told Ollie that if he had not canceled we would have had a hurricane…that’s just how it goes.  I’ll jump on the Q sheet soon and look forward to seeing you guys soon.

– Speedo out

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