1st and 10 lets do it again!

AO: The Norseman

When: 04/29/2021

QIC: Callahan

PAX (13): Stu, Walkie-Talkie, TO, Bottom Bunk, Striper, Funion, Dr. Rico, Pumba, Ha-Ha, TMI, Huckleberry, FNG (Tiny Dancer -TD), Callahan


After we were stood up for the Q on Tuesday, YHC took the reigns and was ready to try out something new.   We’ve all been there before on the night of the Q the next day.  You stumble upon something in prior backblasts from other regions, or you find something on the exicon that sounds terribly painful…so you go with it.  By the way, found out there’s another Callahan in F3 up in North Carolina.  Let’s not kid ourselves, there’s only one Callahan.  Lets roll…


Mosey to the softball parking lot and circle up.  Standard dose of SSH, weed pickers and hillbillies.  Mosey to the field.

The Thang:

We line up on the goal line and I announce to the PAX that we were going to try something new that I found in the exicon.  1st and 10 was the name and the PAX loved it.  10 burpees at the goal line, then run to the far goal line and back.  9 burpees at the 10 yard line, then run to the far goal line and back.  8 burpees at the 20, then run to the far goal line and back.  7 burpees at the 30, 6 burpees at the 40…you’re seeing the pattern.  We took it all the way to the other end of the field.   It was a whipping, but it was glorious.  Dr. Rico commented, “Callahan, you made Nacho proud with that one”.  (YHC wipes tear from eye).  Ahem.

Line up for Lieutenant Dan back across the field.  That got the legs warm…

Mosey from the football field over to the softball fields.  We found four stations between the fields where we did 15 reps of one exercise at each stations.  Exercises were merkins, jump squats, wide merkins and monkey humpers.  We did two rounds of these.  Mosey back to the football field.

We lined up on the goal line and crab walked 10 yards, then bear crawled 10 yards.  We repeated this to the other end of the field.  Mosey over to the bleachers for a quick set of 15 dips in cadence.  Back to the flag for Mary.

Dying cockroach and then some form of sorcery that Ha-Ha came up with keeping our feet 6 inches off the ground while slightly bouncing them…then moving to the left…back to the middle…then to the right…then flutter kicks.   So thankful to see 6:15 hit the clock after that!


Prayers for Funion’s wife as her dad passed away recently.  Blood drive info is out on Slack for later in May.  Also, remember Sculley’s fundraiser for F3 Chimbote in Peru.  Info on Slack as well.

Welcome FNG Tiny Dancer!  May have made a Dirty Dancing comment during the beatdown, and also let us know that he was in cotillion back in the day getting mannered up (see what I did there?) and learned how to dance appropriately.  Cue the Elton John music for the lead out…

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