You Like Your Burpees

AO: The Rubicon

When: 04/27/2021


PAX (18): Devito, Pass Interference, Pinky, Trebek, Cyclops, Sleepless, Fanny Pack, Special K, Stiff Arm, Olan Mills, Lil Hurt, Focker, Dact, Updyke, Stifler, Lefty, M.T., False Start


To the Flagpole for some stretching

The Thang:

A mosey to the Community Track where we began a Burpee escalator adding 1 more at each flag as we worked our way back around the track to the 9th pole near the wall.

At the Wall we assumed Plank position for Donkey Dan’s, a 1:3 ratio of Mercan to Donkey kick increasing each round until we took a break after 7:21.  We finished out to 10:30

Partner up for three rounds of BTTW / Air chair – First round – 1 Minute, Second Round – 45 seconds, Third Round – 30 Seconds.  Sleepless learned how to get that feeling that is related to the name.

Mosey to the FOD (Devito beat us on the downhill scooter ride back but wiped out on his butt going down FOD hill).

7’s with Body Builders at the bottom and Big Boys at the top.

Back to the flag for a variety pack of Mary


Praise for those Georgia Works men who showed up and completed the 5 K / 10 K on Sunday.

Convergence Reminder

Naked-Man Moleskin:

They make Adult scooters and they are fun to ride if you must.  It’s much better to post and modify than fartsack

Cyclops post workout approached me to say “You guys really like your Burpees, don’t you”?

“Why yes; yes we do”

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