Monday Funday w/ 80’s ROCK

AO: Bad Apple

When: 04/26/2021

QIC: Chalupa

PAX (6): Ollie, Johnny Sprocket, No-See-Um, Goat, Swamp Donkey, Chalup


Lets have some Cinder fun.. follow me and partner up.


Things got started with a quick mosey and then back for some stretches.

Side Straddly Hop 10

Hillbillies 8

Weedpicker 7

Shoulder circles forward then backerds 7

The Thang:

After the light stretch, to to grab your Cinder and mosey to the open field where the trees for guidance always seem much farther away in the Gloom!

Partnered up and with an even 6, that worked out just fine

Round 1

Partner one carried Cinder Cusak style to the 4th tree and back, while Partner 2 did LBC’s (switch em up and go)

Round 2

same walk to the 4th tree with Cinder now starting to get heavy by the time you just get to the tree and you still have to go back. Partner 2 is doing curls (switch em up and go)

Round 3

Partner one cusaking again while partner 2 is having fun doing shoulder taps decline style with toes on the Cinder (switch em up and go)

Round 4

Partner one cusaking down and back while partner 2 is flutter kicking with Cinder held overhead

After a quick 10 count so we could get feeling back in our shoulders, we started from the same spot, no partner this time, and Lunges to the 2nd tree when in order, But the silver lining was at the 1st tree, you stopped and did 5 Blockees.

Once arriving at the 2nd tree, we did 5 more Blockees, turned around and Murder Bunnied back to the starting point…

Well, that was a fun start, but lots of time left

6 Pax moseyed up the hill, down the trail to the Pull Up Bar station.

From here 3 stations (with partner again)

Pull Up Bar – 5 pull ups and 10 hanging knee raises

Alternating merkins using the Cinder with one arm on the block 10 count

Wall sits

once we rotated through we attempted to go on to the baseball field for some farmer carries but for the first time ever, it was locked….??

alternate plan, 30 dips!!

So then we made our way back to the flag, did 20 overhead presses, ran our original mosey, did 10 block swings, ran again and then squeezed out a few more fun things like V-ups with the block and 2 Diamonds as time ran out!!



Reminder of Convergence on May 8th

Goat told us to keep those recovering from illness and also keep Aflac and his Dad in your prayers…

prayed for each day and ability to making our minds and bodies stronger and pure

Naked-Man Moleskin:

When you put it on paper it always seems like a reasonable BEAT-DOWN, but in reality, it was much more difficult.

But you know, thats a good thing, because life comes at us the same way. Its always a little tougher or more difficult at times, but we must push through. Once we do, it’s always worth it!

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