a Tubthumping burpee road trip

AO: Firehouse

When: 04/27/2021

QIC: Script kiddie

PAX (7): Suarez, Lightweight, Lifelock, Pebble, Zuckerberg, Script kiddie Ace Ventura


It was a great morning, it felt like spring,  and the wind was not to bad, with the temps in the low 50s it was ideal weather for a Beatdown.  Suarez was the first to arrive once the flag was planted followed quickly by Lightweight and the HIYM crew (lifelock, zuckerberg, & pebble) with Ace bring the coffee for the post BD coffeeteria time.  Zuckerberg asked if they were going to get wet, since the last SK BD it was a bit of a wet morning, I assured him they would not get wet, but knowing what was to come(the suck factor was high with this BD), I think he would have preferred being wet. At that point it was time to hear the rally cry of let’s mosey and the BD began.


I think everyone quickly caught on that this was not going to be a normal BD when, as I warned them we did not stop at our usual spot but continued on up the hill and stopped close to the flag pole.
Warm up time
15 Weed pickers
15 Hillbillies
15 Windmills
Sun gods and reverse sun gods

At this point I asked them to do Michael Phelps OYO as I queued up the last part of the warm up
Chumbawamba – Tubthumping
I let them know that when the song started to start doing SSHs until they heard the phrase “I get knocked down” then do everyone’s favorite exercise, a burpee  and back to doing SSHs, every time they heard “I get knocked down”, during the song they did a bupree then back to SSHs, there were several comments on how umm enjoyable that was and at the end of the 3:30ish minute song everyone had done about 27 burpees.

A great start then on to the Thang

The Thang:

We headed to a near by light pole and I laid out the plans for the morning

In honor of all the road construction and lanes being added to 400 and our very own HIM Schneider, who is a project manager on 2 of those projects,  I decided to to a modified route66, I call route66-Double lanes, and here is the break down

Instead of your standard route66, start with an exercise do one rep then go to the next light post and do 2 reps, on to the next then 3 all the way to 11 which equals 66 hence Route66
Route66 double lane is 2 exercises instead of 1 so
1 hand release merkin and 1 V-up/Y-up
Run to the next light post and 2 hand release merkin and 2 V-up/Y-up
Run to the next light post and 3 hand release merkin and 3 V-up/Y-up
All the way to 11 so 66 of each
After that we went to the next light post did a standing 10 count and I laid out the next Thang.

Thang 2
Route66- Double lanes – Round 2
Awhile back I made a promise to add the burpee apocalypse , I had not fulfilled that promise,it was time to do just that, but with a bit of a modification.
1 Squat jump with a clap/ 1 burpee
Run to the next light post and 2 Squat jump with a clap/ 2 burpees
Run to the next light post and 3 Squat jump with a clap/ 3 burpees
All the way to 11 so 66 of each ( add in the 27 burpees from before that is a total of 93 burpees)
Also shout out to  Suarez and lightweight for completing all 93 burpees along with all the other exercises, plus to pebble for not giving up and pushing himself well done, and special TClaps to lightweight  for taking the time to turn the last few rounds of burpees/Squats into a life lesson, for the HIYM(lifelock, Zuckerberg, & pebble), by telling them that life is not easy and it will be hard but you need to keep pushing and make it past the challenge to become better and stronger, echoing the F3 motto “It does not get easier but we get stronger”, well played indeed.

Once that was done we had a chance to do a quick round o Mary
lightweight called out a new exercises – scissors with a dead cockroach
Ace ventura called out WW2 setups

Then it was time to bring the BD to an end.


Head count we had 7, (we missed  seeing Buckeye, Dunshire, pink nightmare,and Schneider)
Videoed the Nameorama
Sadly I forgot the 6th man but we did the MoC
Suarez, gave us a story of a small  bird and falcon, jest of it was crap happens and if you start talking crap it can get worse, I think, lol, but it was an entertaining story
Ace shared something he heard about Marcus Aurelius – Marcus was someone that wanted to make sure that he never put to much value material things, an example is he would wear fine purple robes, but he would look at the robe as just regular material with purple dye, showing that we should never put to much value in material things therefore thinking to highly of what we have, great point!

Prayer for Suarez’s M as she recovers from the second COVID vaccine

We then closed in pray and prayed for that and all the HIM that were not there and we would help ourselves and others be better as we go throughout the day. There were not to many statements of good Q after the BD, but that is ok, my goal for today was to push everyone’s limits and in that aspect.. mission accomplished,  well done everyone and looking forward to the next BD Thursday.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

With Dunshire and Dash not present Ace stepped up and made the coffee for the morning jolt.
After a quick coffeteria Lightweight and his crew had to leave then soon after Suarez had to head out to take his 2.0 to the dentist.
Ace and SK went for a Ruck to end out the BD and head out for that day.

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