Dunshire BDay Beatdown

AO: Firehouse

When: 04/22/2021

QIC: Dunshire

PAX (8): Suarez, Script kiddie, Ace Ventura, Lightweight., Lifelock, Pebbles, Buckeye, Dunshire


Ace was first on the scene ready to go followed quickly by Script kiddie and the planting of the shovel flag was done in antcipation of all the other HIM that would soon be there even though the temps decided to take a 20 degree dive and go from 50  degrees to 30 degrees but 8 PAX dug up the long pants warm gloves and proper head gear and made it out, there was a bit of mumble chatter about Zuckerburg fartsacking for the morning plus general comments about the “lovely” weather and how winter was not ready to go quietly into the night, or into the morning.  Then the call to Mosey was hear and off the PAX went


Comments were made about Dunshire’s birthday and Buckeye made a quick comment about happy belated b-day which may or may not have saved everyone from enjoying a round of birthday burpees… and there was much rejoicing.
Stopped at the spot and the warm ups began with a bit of a B-day count twist, since it was Dunshire’s 38th b-day the day before the following warm ups were done
38 side straddle hops
19 weed pickers
19 imperial walkers
Sun gods
Reverse Sun gods
Michael Phelps

The Thang:

Once the warm up was done Dunshire gave everyone the plans for the beatdown, and in the order of K.I.S.S  it was time for Dora to make a return with added 38 in honor of the birthday boy, the PAX paired up and the fun began
Thang1 Doras
138 merkins
238 imperial walkers
338 big boys
438 mountain climbers

and just as some the teams got done the cry was made to repeat the whole thing again, but the great thing was once the Dora began it was nonstop until 610 and at that point it was time to rally at the flag pole for a round of Mary

Round o’ Mary
Suarez called out the windshield wipers
Script kiddie called out some weird V-up/Y-up 4 count thing that everyone enjoyed….NOT!
Then we finished off with some WW2 setups to finish the round o’ Mary


Time for the count 8 HIM braved the return to winter and enjoyed the Dunshire B-day Beatdown
Name-o-rama time
The honor of the 6th man fell to Pebbles, and great job sharing and gettting outside his comfort zone.

Buckeye stepped up and took the MoC and started to share then one of the more sarcastic PAX (Script Kiddie) ended up messing up the delievery but it was talking about a great philosopher Forest Gump and the wisdom of his statement that “life is like a box of chocolates.”

Prayer for Inseam and his M as they deal with the death of her grandmother.

we then took a knee Dushire  lead us in prayer and it was then time for coffee

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Coffee talk was good and everyone ended up talking for awhile then heading out for the day SK had to do a bit of running around for his M and Dunshire needed to head to work, leaving Ace all alone so no rucking or running post BD this morning, but that will return next week.

As always these BDs and time with all the HIM of Firehouse was a great start to the day and as we get past the first F (fitness) and start to work on the second F (Fellowship) it will only help us all grow and become better in every area and role we have in our lives.


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