R-HI Round 2

AO: The Rubicon

When: 04/20/2021


PAX (8): Focker, Turbine, Mayhem, Lumbergh, Updyke, Hasselhoff, Cookie, MT


This running beatdown was touted and pre pumped as something men would tell their grandchildren about.  Per the norm, that was definitely an overreach but it was an impactful scouting trip today that should lay ground work for a common destination if not a whole new future AO.


Warm up?  Nah, we do this before 5:15 AM.

The Thang:

Mosey around the back of the pool to the first long leg of the Mercan mile with stops for burpees and mercans at speed bumps and cross streets. Turned Right on Mid Broadwell down to the entrance of the new fancy STEM school and onto the old track.  We formed partners and did a dirty mile sequence where partner A does the bleacher steps in a particular sequence while Partner B runs a full lap.  Each partner does 4 laps and 4 bleacher rotations.

Next we visited the awesome new and large parking lot adjacent to the track for two rotations for 4 escalating corners.  4 muscle groups hit with each rotation including chest, shoulders, Legs and Abs.

We then explored the parking lot lines with a rather long set of DB drills.  On the way back we leap frogged with each man claiming a line in plank position, first man does 5 mercans and sprints to the end.  Continue this to the end.

Back to the track for true speed work.  100 Meter sprint, 100 meter recovery for 400 meters.  Next lap, 200 meter fast tempo/sprint and 200 meter recovery.  Back to the flag the long way for a few rounds of MARY and time!


Praise for a successful Ragnar for our groups

Support ThunderMeet Saturday at Chastain park for the 5K/10K Georgia Works race this Saturday 10 AM

Prayer for Devito return from calf injury

Naked-Man Moleskin:

We are blessed to have access to so many awesome local amenities.  The new STEM school and track provides a great new location for many of our R-HI sessions.

An Honor to lead this new concept that so far is hitting the intended goals.

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