A Borrowed Beatdown

AO: Bridge
QIC: Homer
DATE: 04/16/2021
PAX: Boomer, Sugar, Meatball, Readymix, Wingnut, Birdie, Homer, Popper, Maguire, Puff Daddy
Total PAX: 10

Nothing of note. I did happen to drive around and take a look at "The Hill" that has made it's presence known at a Meathouse beatdown. Thought about mosey that direction, but decided to wait and visit it later.

Mosey to the bridge and up on the southern side.

SSH, Hillbilly, Moroccan Night Club, Weedpicker

The Thang:
Saw that none of the Bridge PAX had been to the Rubicon the day before, so YHC led out with 22s borrowed from Sprocket's Rubicon Weinke.

20 Bonnie Blairs – 2 Merkins
18 Bonnie Blairs – 4 Merkins
16 Bonnie Blairs – 6 Merkins… all the way down to 2 Bonny Blairs – 20 Merkins
Pick Up the Six if you're a Gazelle

Next up a mosey down the bridge, around Lazy Dog. Up the stairwell to the roof of the Parking deck. Lights are out. City needs to pay their power bill.

Borrowed this one from F3Lehighvalley – A Four Corners Escalator:
Travel to the four corners of the parking deck roof. Side Shuffle between points. Prescribed exercise/reps at each corner.
1) 10 BBSU 2) 10 BBSU / 20LBC 3) 10 BBSU / 20 LBCs / 30 Freddie Mercury 4) 10 BBSU / 20 LBCs / 30 Freddie Mercury and 40 V-Ups
Pick Up the Six if you're a Gazelle


Down the green side stairwell and head toward the Path of Pain. YHC set a clock for a 5 minute OYO playtime. Choose your own adventure. We have to use this area more. Impressive seeing Wingnut ascend the rope. That tire is great. Good to use the pullup bars, walls, stepups… Good times.

After the alarm went off we met up at the Memorial for some Mary.

FlutterKick, GasPumper, Dolly, Box Cutter, Dying Cockroach, All you got sprint lap, Copperhead Squat, Peter Parker, LBBC

Prayers for Feathers' Dad. Announcement about the F3 Gwinnett Convergence tomorrow.

Naked-Man Moleskin:
Good times at the Bridge.