NO man left behind…Remember that

AO: The Rubicon

When: 04/15/2021

QIC: Sprocket

PAX (14): Updike, Hasselhof, MillerTime, Cookie, Lumbergh, Pitstop, Emu, False Start, Trebek, Stiff Arm, Fanny Pack, Sleepless, Nomad


“Leave No Man Behind, Leave No Man Where You Found Him” ~ F3 Credo
Any PAX that’s been involved with F3 has heard the above saying and this past weekend at GrowRuckXX in TX, YHC was dealt a good reminder of why living this credo out is important. So, while driving from San Antonio to Roswell, YHC planned out a workout for YHC’s virgin Rubicon Q with the goal of reinforcing this vital belief and, hopefully, helping some of the newer PAX realize how this credo is what separates F3 from other workouts.


Kept it short ‘n sweet with Mtn Climbers IC x15, Plank Jacks IC x15, SSH’s IC x15, then, off to the playground

The Thang:

Buy In: Morning Call with 2 PAX doing 5 pull ups while PAX in waiting for their turn push out Merks. Then, it was time to get busy…and stay together as a team.

The 22’s
Beginning with an out/back 1/2 mile run towards Hwy 9 with Gazelles being reminded to circle back and pick up the 6, then, PAX circled up for

Round 1 which consisted of Bonnie Blairs and Merkins in the following format:
20 Bonnie Blairs – 2 Merkins
18 Bonnie Blairs – 4 Merkins
16 Bonnie Blairs – 6 Merkins… all the way down to 2 Bonny Blairs – 20 Merkins
If a PAX finishes his calisthenics before other PAX, he is to help any PAX still working to complete any reps necessary in order for the group finish the round together.

Run another 1/2 mile with the Gazelles tasked with picking up the 6, then, begin work on round 2:

Round 2 consists of Jump Squats and Renegade Rows in the same format as Round 1:
20 Jump Squats – 2 Renegade Rows
18 Jump Squats – 4 Renegade Rows…and so on all the way to 2 Jump Squats – 20 Renegade Rows

*Modifications for all Ragnar Runners were burpees instead of Bonnie Blairs. With 2 minutes remaining, Q directed PAX back to the flag with a *soft* verbal reminder for any/all Gazelles to pick up the 6.

No time for Mary this morning.


Pitstop shared an update on the outstanding impact being seen at No Longer Bound; plan on getting involved the next time volunteers are needed; see first-hand how these men that are battling addiction can be positively impacted by some other men that take part in helping them improve physically, socially and spiritually. Ragnar Run this weekend, prayers for those taking part.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

it’s easy for some men to focus on finishing first. Maybe you’re among the fastest or strongest in your AO, but, as YHC was reminded last weekend at GrowRuck20, it doesn’t matter how fast the fastest of the fast are if their team is broken up and left behind. YHC isn’t against competition, but recognizes that there is definitely a time and place for it, but, if PAX that have been involved in F3 for a long time lose focus on “picking up the 6” i.e. Not leaving a man behind, then, we’re in danger of failing others who could benefit from some encouragement. We’re not Rambos in F3, we’re a team. All the strength and speed that comes with working out with men that are faster and stronger is for the purpose of serving the newer PAX and FNG’s that are improving and learning what F3 is all about. Aye? It was an honor to lead this morning, thank you, Rubicon, for being here. Sprocket out.

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