Firehouse Run

AO: Firehouse

When: 04/15/2021

QIC: Lightweight

PAX (9): Script Kiddie, Ace Ventura, Dunshire, Suarez, Buckeye, Lightweight, Lifelock, Zuckerberg, and Pebble


Started some jams while waiting for 5:30am. Once that hit we took off to our regular spot. Once there Dunshire pulled in and joined us.



15 SSH

15 Hillbilly

15 Weedpicker

15 Sungods

15 Reverse Sungods

The Thang:

We finished the warm up and everyone grabbed a rock with a warning that they might not want to go to big since we would be running with them. As expected some grabbed some big ones to show how in shape they are (beast mode). When doing the running parts people had the choice of holding rocks over head, skull crushers, curls or anything else they could think of. We all started getting tired during the running parts so we walked most while working the rocks and one time we ran backwards. We finished at the flagpole for our last set of Merkins (Spiderman Merkins) with the first person calling one and everyone doing once and the next person said two and we did another one until the last person said 19 and we all finished our 19th one Spiderman Merkin.

Run 2 min

Jumping Squats 1 min

Run 2 min

Scissors 1 min

Run 2 min

break 18 seconds

Burpees 1 min

Run 2 min

Freddie Mercury 1 min

Run 2 min

Merkins  1 min

Break 18 seconds



We finished with a O’Mary

Freddie Mercury

Leg raises

Windshield Wippers

American Hammers

with some others I can’t remember.


Ace Ventura did MOC and talked about not judging people.

I moved the 6th man because I thought Script Kiddie had just done one but I might of been wrong but he was a good sport with me switching it up. Buckeye did the 6th man.

We did Prayer request and finished with a prayer by Lightweight.

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