WHO’S Q Today??!?! Next Time… Not him :-)

AO: The Coliseum

When: 04/14/2021

QIC: Radar

PAX (7): T-Bone, Simba, Bobby Dodd, Geo, Bulldog, Gilligan, Radar


The night before Radar checked the slack channel.. it was radio silent… for 3 days. He also checked the Q sheet, no Q listed.. hmmm?!?! Concerned he may be working out alone, he asked if anyone was coming… went to bed with no reply… waking up in time to make the start he doubled checked the slack channel, FINALLY… Simba responded with “I’ll be there”.. phew at least there would be some shared agony in the BD.

Many in the PAX were early today, sitting in their cars.. guess nobody wanted to be the first out.  The PAX gathered at the Flag and Simba threatened 10 minutes of burpees if he had to Q, Out of fear Radar spoke up and lead the BD. 531 start, and he had no plan, what could go wrong!?!?


We started with a Mozy, except to mix it up Radar went left, opposite our normal warm up route.  Simba and others from the PAX took 2 steps to the right thinking it was going to be a normal day… half way through the mozy we stopped for some stretching (12 Imperial Walkers, 9 weed pickers, 13 moracin night clubs). then a mozy back to the start area.

The Thang:

Started with the newly named “Circle of Life” workout. Dips, Derkins, Step ups (each leg)-10,15,10 Reps, with a staircase climb between each rep.

Next, we did 11’s with donkey kicks on one end and American hammers on the other, to make it more fun, we did a bear crawl from one end to the other (you could choose to option out of the bear crawl with 5 merkins).

Finally, we took to the hill, with Bernie Sanders runs up and jog down (but we did 7s instead of 11s with dips and SSH at the top and bottom). Bulldog enforced the train penalty with 5 Burpees in the middle of this exercise.


praise for the group, F3, and the great weather. prayers for neighbors and kids/teachers finishing out the school year strong.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Long haul will be Q on Monday..  his VQ!!

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