Rubicon HI Launch

AO: The Rubicon

When: 04/13/2021

QIC: Devito

PAX (7): Cookie, Millertime, Lumbergh, Mayhem, Updyke, Hasselhoff, Devito


Today was the launch for the high intensity BD option at Rubicon.  I was totally stoked when we had 7 HIM’s there ready to go at 5:15 for this trial option.


Thats the thing about high intensity … there is no warm up.  Around 5:12 I told the guys, “Stretch now if you need it, at 5:15 we go.”

The Thang:

At 5:15 sharp, we took off from the lot, headed up around children of the corn and in to the dog track.  First exercise sequence was MAYHEM.  That is:

Air Squats
Yurpees (hand release burpees)
Hand Release Merkins
E2K (elbow to knee obliques)
Merkins, Wide Arm Style

We did this in an escalator format, 15 reps each, with a run around the track between each round.  15 hand release merkins on the heels of 15 yurpees was a bit spicy, especially on the last round.  Alternating crunchy frogs and flutter kicks for the 6.

From there we ran across the park to the playground.  Rounds of 10 pull-ups, 20 Alpha count lunges and 30 LBCs.  Run across the bridge and around the parking lot between rounds.  We got 4 full rounds in before we had to head back to make our agreed time hack at 6:05.  Updyke was a “nervously HC”, but he was leading the pack at this point … awesome.


COT with Rubicon main crew and Pitstop’s announcement regarding the investment in an AED that will hopefully not be needed to save one of our lives, but is there.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

My thanks to all of y’all that came out for the launch.  My plan is to run this on Tuesdays at Rubicon for a bit to establish a base crew.  Then we’ll discuss where we want to take this from there.  More days, hop to a new location, etc.  I’m excited.

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