Easing back into the week

AO: The Wreck

When: 04/12/2021


PAX (16): Squeegee, Switch, Raider, Hasselhoff, Choo-choo, Foley, Swamp Donkey, Norm, Juul, Meltdown, Bear, Cutie, Yao-Ming, Sellout, Yankee, AFLAC


YHC was just returning from a week of vacation and roughly 36 hours removed from his COVID shot, so plans were made to ease back into the week.  At least that how things started, but since Bieber was a no-show all bets were off.


Slow mosey up the main road toward the CAB and circle-up in the parking lot for disclaimers and the following warm-ups:

  • SSH’s
  • Hilbilly’s
  • Weed Picker’s

The Thang:

Short mosey down the hill ending up at the NW corner of the pond where Q wanted to ease things in with a quick and easy Burpee Mile.  The format – 10 Burpees followed by a 1/4 mile run around the pond.  Rinse/repeat 4 times for a total of 40 Burpees over roughly a mile.

Early finishers with a couple rounds of Mary before rounding up the six and heading back up the hill towards the playground.  Fresh off the CDC news that suface-transmission of COVID is rare, Q directed all PAX to retrieve a lifting coupon for a long-lost favorite – Jack Webb’s with rotating coupons:  increasing reps of Merkins and Overhead Press (w/coupon) on a 1:40 ratio until reaching 10:40.  The coupon rotation after each round always makes this one fun and interesting, at least until Q gets an absolute monster for the last round.

Once completed, Q directed all PAX to return coupons and head for the picnic shelter for a round of Morning Call, AFLAC-style:  all PAX would grab/hold a picnic table and perform shrugs in-cadence with rotating PAX performing 5 Pull-Ups.  Plenty of mumble-chatter with this one.

With T-10 on the clock, Q directed all PAX back to the flag for a quick round of Clock-Merkins (increasing reps for each PAX) and some Mary before time was called.


AFLAC out.

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