Hills Were Alive…With the Grunts of Windjammers

AO: Windjammer

When: 04/09/2021

QIC: Brutus

PAX (6): Dr. Rico Stu WalkieTalkie Zohan Nomad


I had the honor of Q for a great group of PAX who chose to go to the Mountains for Spring Break instead of the beach.  The Hills were alive with the grunts of Windjammers on this temperate but not clear Friday morning.


Basic Lakefront Warm-up


-Weed Picker

-Imperial Walker

-Clapping Seals


The Thang:

3 Different Hill  Sub-BeatDowns

1.)Mt. Merkin (the steep climb on the first part of the Famous Merkin Mile)

-Up and down the hill 5x.  Each time at the top a descending count of burpees from 5 down to 1.

2.)Sports Park Peak

-From the Playground to very top of the Sports Park Drive. Also 5x up and down, but this time at the bottom we did sets of pull-ups (the one thing Windjammers hate more than burpees) and dips.  Combination totals of the 2 starting at 25 and decreasing in increments of 5.

3.)Last but of course not least….the Windammer.  I had plans of up and down 5x each Frontwards and Backwards but we got tight on time so we went up twice backward and once frontward with sets two sets of merkins (15 and 10) at the bottom.

We started to mosey back to the flag but this group of men today was not the mosey type so we picked up the pace and that when I thought I saw another shooting star, but it was actually Walkie Talkie flying past us like Carl Lewis (yes I am a Lewis over Bolt guy – I am old).

Finished with 4-5 sets of Mary where Zohan made sure we finished strong and didnt cut-off 30 sec early.


Praise to Stu for sharing his first F3 story (which involved pull-ups and showed his toughness).

Praise to Zohan for sharing a related story.

Prayers for Miranda (Nomad Wife) as she works through some health challenges associated with motherhood.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasusre to lead a group of Windjammers.  Didnt make it to the beach this week but 2 Windjammer beat-downs were highlights of the week for this Spring Breaker.

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