A Tradition Unlike Any Other – An “Amen Corner(s)” BD

AO: Jericho

When: 04/09/2021

QIC: Hushpuppy

PAX (4): Snowman, Schneider, Inseam, Hushpuppy


The Augusta National Golf Club holds a special place in my heart.  Having worked at the Masters as a photographer runner from 1997 – 2009, I know those hallowed grounds like the back of my hand.  I relate Augusta to my family, as both sides are from there.  First and foremost my brother Jason, whom I spent every day and every year with.  Then to my Nana, my Uncle Jack (namesake of our first son), my Aunt Myrdie and Uncle Preston (Sr and Jr) as well as my Pop, Grandmother Sarah and all my cousins.  I found it fitting to sign up for a BD during Masters week for a special BD.


Disclaimer given – always to include “the political views and public statements of all musical artists you hear this morning neither do or do not represent those of YHC”.  Then we set out for a mosey around the circle of local businesses.  Back to flag for:

Abe Vigodas 11x

Mountain Man Poopers 11x

Everest (minus the incline) 11x

Nancy Kerrigans 11x

The Thang:

YHC humbly asked the PAX to keep their golf clubs at home for this Masters Edition BD and to bring their coupon instead, so, we scooped our coupon and had a short mosey to the football field where we arrived at a CORNER of the end-zone for instruction.

Mumble chatter along the mosey revealed that PAX were picking up on the “11” rep count, so, what did that mean exactly?

Amen Corner starts at the 11th green, encompasses the par 3 12th and par 5 13th along with the 14th tee box.  With this in mind, the Amen Corner(s) BD was born.  PAX were instructed to perform the following exercises OYO, rifle carry your coupon to the next corner, run a lap around the football field, then plank for the 6:

American Hammers 11x alpha count w/coupon

Man Makers 12x

E2K 13x alpha count without coupon (cause that’s hard to do with one)

Nancy Lopez 14x – at first this was named “Nice, Reverse LBCs” since I was missing a good “N” exercise to complete the “AMEN”.   Kudos to Inseam for the assist on the name – “isn’t there a famous golfer with a name that starts with “N”?  YHC decided that reverse LBCs with a coupon are now named Nancy Lopez since that’s the only time Nancy Lopez will be in Amen Corner (zing – and sincere apologies to the Lopez family as I’m sure they are all upstanding citizens).

We repeated this for all 4 Amen Corner(s).

Next, the “Dustin Johnson” was born.  DJ broke the scoring record at the 2019 Masters with a final score of 268, which was -20 (20 under par).  Thus, PAX began on the goal line and ran 20 yards, performed 2 Wolverines (because, Jericho, ya know??), then from there ran 60 yards and performed 2 Wolverines, then ran back 80 yards to the goal line and closed with 2 more Wolverines.  The official Dustin Johnson submitted to the Exicon is 20 yds/2 wolverines, 60 yds/6 wolverines, 80 yds/8 wolverines but we had to modify due to time b/c we had to get in some Mary.

Mary was:

20x alpha count of whatever in the heck Week 4 of IronPax 2020 was…….checks tweet history……..Block Windshield Wipers (the PAX were dead on as we tried to figure out the exact name for this………good job, Men). 20 reps for DJ’s record 20 under par.

14x BBSU with coupons

Then, we concluded with………..11x boat/canoe WITH A COUPON.  Pure misery, but man, you couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces when we were done PLUS it was enough to get many midwife noises out of the PAX as well as comments on slack that the BD was, well,” bada$$”.


Prayers and praises for our brethren vacationing with their families this week and their safe return home to post at our AOs and get absolutely wrecked and ripped next week.  Really excited to see that many PAX went “wild”.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Jericho charge for the day was to break down some walls and to remember to call on the name of the Lord in prayer.  Whether it is lunch with a 2nd level boss, a big meeting regarding your job future or even busting out 12 agonizing man makers during a BD – through prayer and petition God will bless through the devine power of the Holy Spirit.  We may not get an immediate answer or even the answer we think we want, but, we must trust in God to provide for us and do well with the blessings he has bestowed upon us.

And ALL God’s people said……….AMEN!  (see what I did there?)

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