Merkin Mile with Squat Stops

AO: The Gladiator

When: 04/08/2021

QIC: Speedo

PAX (8): Shiner, Cheneral, Bunyan, Zuul (R), Raspberry Pi, Shrinkage, Delicious, Speedo


YHC wasn’t sure how many would post this AM due to Spring Break and was pleasantly surprised when 6 other cars arrived as we approached 0530.  Another PAX would join us as he ran to the park so we had a nice even number.


Mosey to the pitch for a quick warmup including:

  • SSH x15 iC
  • Weed Pickers x10 IC
  • Good Mornings x10 OYO

The Thang:

Moseyed to the rec center wall where I blatantly blamed Zuul for what we were about to do.  Donkey kicks x5 IC then hold feet on the wall until I called time.  Repeated with 10 kicks and hold then 15 kicks and hold.  This is a bruiser to start a workout and glad we got it out of the way early.

Continued to mosey on the main road toward Fouts.  Stopped at the stop sign for 25 merkins then kept running until almost to Fouts.  YHC intended for this to be a merkin mile but was a bit gassed so improvisation was in order.  We did 30 deep squats then headed to Fouts.  Close to the stop sign, we stopped for another 25 merkins, wide this time.  Moseyed to the library and did another 30 deep squats.  Kept going on the path (with headlamps now on) with the next stop calling for 25 hand-release merkins.  Another few hundred yards and another 30 deep squats.  Finally ended up at the top parking lot next to Eves where we finished up with 25 staggered Merkins.

Not wanting to neglect our legs, YHC called for 25 Air Dramas.  Deep squat followed by a calf raise on the back half of each one.  We then tried to do the same thing on a curb which would allow for negatives on the calf raise (raise our toes instead of the heel of the foot).  Probably should have practiced this one at home with a tutu on because it was a bit awkward as I tended to fall off the curb.  Shiner adapted quickly and did his in front of a telephone pole while holding on to it…smart move.

Moseyed down the hill to the pitch where we divided into two teams.  Team 1 on one sideline near the center line and Team 2 on the other.

Round 1:

While all team members planked, one PAX from each team ran to the center circle and did 15 burpees then back to the sideline where the next guy would go.

Round 2:

While all team members held 6 inches, two PAX from each team (we were running short on time) ran to the center circle and did 30 big bois.  Not sure if it was tougher to do the 6 inches after the big bois or vice versa but it was painful regardless.

Round 3:

While all team members held an air chair, two PAX from each team ran to the center circle and did 30 monkey humpers.  Painful after already doing 100+ squats during the ‘merkin mile’

Back to the flag with a couple of minutes to spare.  Since we had not really worked our pecs much we circled up and planked.  Each PAX in order would call down and all PAX would do a merkin.  Went around the circle then switched to diamonds.  Another round and switched to hand-release.  We had time for one last round of wide merkins for a total of 32 total.

In total, we logged > 2 miles, 30 donkey kicks, 132 assorted merkins, 100+ squats and assorted other fun stuff.


Prayers for Stroller and family as they grieve his dad’s passing.  Prayers for all who are suffering whether from covid or something else.  Thanks given for all the good things God provides, including us (if we accept and believe that we are made in His image).

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I appreciate each one of you guys very much.  It’s an honor to be a Gladiator and to plan and execute crazy workouts that bring us closer together.  Thank you!

– Speedo out

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