Flying Bricks

AO: The Wreck

When: 04/07/2021

QIC: Sellout

PAX (2): Squeegee, Norm, Foley


Spring break caused a lot of PAX to miss this shoulder burning BD.  But the morning was sweet temperature and a slice of moon rose as we began the mosey!


Each PAX had to brave an encounter with Swag-a-wagon swamp mobile I drive for beat downs and other weekend extra curriculars. They had to reach inside and grab two gnarly muddy bricks from the back. Hold them over their heads as we mosey up the hill to the parking lot by the big building. A few were out of breath so we eased in with some Abe Vigodas, Hill billies, Mountain climbers, plank jacks and side straddle hops. Ten each. Pick those precious bricks up over your head and let’s mosey!

The Thang:

Mosey over to the pond where there were 4 cones placed on the path at intervals around the pond. PAX would do robot curls with bricks while first pax ran to the first cone while holding bricks out to their sides and waving them up and down as if flying. When they reach the first cone they stop and start with box cutters. That is also when the second PAX starts moseying along the path. When the second Pax arrives at first cone, he starts the box cutters and the first PAX hops up and continues to fly with his bricks to the second cone. Stop here and begin burpees. Now the 3rd PAX can follow the second and so forth. Until we all make our way all the way around the pond. Alternating box cutters and burpees at every cone stop.

Second lap is the same with burpees and box cutters but while moseying PAX performed over head presses while going to the next cone stop.

Mosey to the small wall at the bottom of the hill by ballpark. Perform robot curls all the way their with bricks. At wall Perform 50 step ups, 25 each leg and push bricks up over your head with each step up. After step ups we rested with 30 dips.

Mosey now over to the playground. We broke into pairs. One pas performed power squats while partner lay on back under chain swings. Reach up grasp chains on swings and perform parallel to the ground pull up. (gotta come up with a name for these!) Ten repetitions in unison. Rinse and repeat 12 times….. I think. We lost count. But we did it for 12 minutes or so.

Just for rewards and because it was spring break everyone went down the slide of their choice on the playground. Mosey back and five minutes of Mary which included wide slow merkins, WW I sit ups, LBCs, and calf raises on the bricks.  Quite satisfying


Praise for Foley’s wife for healing up quickly. May everyone get back from spring break safely. Friday is open invite for anyone to bring a 2.0.

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