Snax 10th birthday Q!

AO: Bad Apple

When: 04/05/2021

QIC: Snax

PAX (10): Kiko, Pass Interference, Betty Crocker, Sprocket, FNG (Blowout), Zima, Swamp Donkey, Rusty, Brutus


Snax’ 10th birthday.  He’s pumped.  It won’t be an easy one…


SSH x 10

Mountain Climber x 10

Toy Soldier x 10

Windmill x 10


The Thang:

Starting exercising with a cinder block.  To the smash hit “Peaches,” by the Presidents of the United States, the PAX will squat with their coupon.  Every time they hear the word “Peach” or “Peaches”, they do an overhead press with their coupon.

Partner up and mosey to the field.  One coupon per group.

The field has 4 lights to simulate the distance of a football field (though it was likely between 75-100 years in distance) in a rectangle.  Partner A starts to murder bunny around the lights.  Partner B does 20 merkins.  It’s a catch-me-if-you-can.  When Partner B completes his merkins, he runs after Partner A and they switch.  After the first go around, let’s rinse and repeat.

Next we have a list of exercises:

  • 100 burpees
  • 200 squats
  • 300 lunges
  • 400 plank jacks
  • 500 LBCs

Partner A starts on the first set.  Partner B “cusack’s” with the coupon to the playground.  Once there, they put the coupon down, do 5 pull-ups, then cusacks back.  Then the partners switch.  Most didn’t get through half since burpees took up some time…

Headed back to the flag for a short round of American Hammers


Praying for Betty Crocker as he heads back to Savannah.  Also, for all of those traveling for Spring  Break.  Praying for all those that continue to battle COVID.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Added an FNG – Blowout.  He’s recently moved from Greenville and found us online.  Great!  Hopefully we got another regular!  Happy Birthday Snax!

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